It’s natural for couples to have arguments, big or small, in a relationship. The duration and frequency of these discussions may also increase from time to time. Up to a certain point, this can also be considered part of the natural process. However, the fact that couples constantly find themselves in the same arguments suggests that something is not right in this relationship. Because the same topics to discuss in a relationship and the inability to find satisfactory solutions to these issues are a sign of more serious problems and significant differences between couples! Here are 5 things that keep couples arguing over the same issues over and over again, from ego wars to different expectations…

1. Big problems

There can be many reasons for constant arguments around the same issues in a relationship. But the most obvious of these reasons are larger problems between partners. Because in many ways the arguments can be reasonably sweetened.

However, the fact that something or an event is always the subject of discussion indicates that this thing or event cannot be resolved. Things that remain unresolved for a long time mean that there are big problems between couples (even if they are not visible).

2. Different expectations

In a relationship where the same arguments often occur, the expectations of the two parties from life and from each other are completely different. If you’re in a relationship that revolves around the same arguments over and over, it can be helpful to reevaluate both your own expectations and your partner’s.

3. Changes that didn’t happen


Once the argument is over, something needs to be changed so that the same argument does not happen again. In some cases, couples need to change themselves. Sometimes their environment or their life. However, having the same arguments over and over again shows that nothing has changed.

4. Incompatibility


A couple who constantly argues around the same topic or event is most likely not a good fit for each other. This incompatibility is one of the reasons for the often repeated and always insoluble disputes.

5. Ego Wars


Usually the parties can take two positions during the discussion. First, the parties cannot back down, believing they are right. Second, one side admits they are wrong and compromises. If you are constantly arguing with your partner on the same issue, it means that both you and your partner have a high ego that is difficult for you to control.

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