The earthquakes in Kahramanmaras made us remember how unprepared we are for earthquakes as a country, even though we are an earthquake country. Our unpreparedness for the earthquake, combined with the lack of control and negligence, unfortunately led to the fact that we lost countless people. However, whether we will become earthquake-prepared and resilient in the future is a matter of considerable debate. For this reason, it is very important that everyone who lives in Turkey, a country where earthquakes occur, take their own precautions. One of the things you can do to make yourself a little better prepared for an earthquake is to use technology effectively. Some mobile apps designed to protect against earthquakes can help us survive the rubble. Here are 5 mobile apps that everyone in Turkey should have on their phones, even if we don’t want anyone to have to use them.

1. AFAD emergency

As we understood after the Kahramanmaras earthquake, one of the most important problems after the earthquake is communication. Strong earthquakes lead to the fact that communication and communication systems fail, which makes it much more difficult for people to get under the rubble. For this reason, it is imperative that earthquake survivors under the rubble have alternative means of communication. One such possibility is a mobile application called “AFAD Emergency”.

The AFAD Emergency mobile app allows people trapped under rubble to make an emergency call with a single button. The application, which provides the ability to communicate over the Internet, facilitates easier access to people under the rubble, thanks to the location service. For this reason, it can be extremely useful in situations where telephone lines are not working. In addition, this mobile application includes ready-made messages that can be used by earthquake survivors who do not have the ability to communicate with the rescuers by voice.

2. I’m safe

An app called “I’m Acute Safe” that lets you notify your loved ones in the event of an earthquake is also vital in earthquakes and similar natural disasters. Clicking the “I’m Safe” button on the mobile app sends a message to 10 predefined people. In this way, app users can let their loved ones know they are safe. However, this mobile application broadcasts the news that you are safe via SMS, not the Internet.

3. 112 Emergency help

mobile app

In the aftermath of an earthquake, it is critical that people trapped under rubble can accurately report their whereabouts to authorities. “Emergency 112” is one of the mobile applications developed in this direction. The app sends location information to the authorities using the emergency call button.

4. Bridge

mobile app

This mobile application, developed by a Mexican software company, can save lives when the Internet and telephone infrastructure are not available. Because Bridgefy provides its users with the ability to communicate through a Bluetooth connection. The person using the app can communicate with another person who is within 100 meters of the app.

5 My whistle

mobile app

It is extremely important that people trapped under the rubble after the earthquake can carry their voices to the search and rescue teams above. Unfortunately, in some cases this is not possible. A mobile app called “Düdüm” was developed to help earthquake victims broadcast their voices to search and rescue teams.

The Whistle mobile app emits a loud whistle that can help you determine your location. This increases the likelihood of you being detected by search and rescue teams.

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