Theft is one of the most serious problems of our time. As many of you know, and perhaps some of you have unfortunately experienced, thieves start by observing before they act. Then tricks come into play that seem utterly pointless to you. That is why it is useful to have detailed information about the interesting tricks of thieves in modern times. Here are 5 mind-blowing tricks that thieves will never want you to learn.

1. Cookie trick

The first thing an experienced thief pays attention to before taking any action is whether the house or workplace that he decides to rob is empty. Thieves spend a lot of time on this extremely valuable information. On the other hand, they have developed a very interesting trick to find out if the house is empty, or to determine when you are not at home.

In this method, called the cookie trick, thieves place a small cookie under the rug in front of your door and periodically check to see if the cookie is damaged. If the cookie is intact, then you did not step on the rug and enter the house, a small cookie becomes an obvious sign that your house may be robbed. If the cookie is broken, the thief continues his patient wait for a while. For this reason, the next time you hear a quiet crack under your feet, be sure to check the bottom of your rug as you enter your home.


In some cases, human curiosity can turn into an effective weapon of modern thieves! The flash memory trick used by thieves is one of the most obvious examples of this situation.

Inspired by the Cold War-era “Stash” espionage method, this trick begins when you stumble upon a simple flash drive in a crack in your wall or anywhere near your home. If you can’t control your curiosity and connect your device to your computer, computer viruses come into play, ready to take over your important data, and soon you will become a victim of theft, which can give you a lot of headaches. For this reason, it is best to stay away from random flash drives in order to avoid unpleasant events.

3. Towel trick


Today there are many interesting cheats developed by thieves. Moreover, each of these tricks belongs to different areas of knowledge. Some cheats are used to break into your house while you are away, some are used to steal your digital data, and some are used to steal your car directly. Here is the intent of the thief who confronts you with the towel trick, to steal your car right in front of your eyes!

If you see a towel or clothing wrapped around the wipers as you approach a parked car, never try to remove the towel or clothing. Get in your car and leave your area as quickly as possible. Because in the reverse scenario, the following will happen: You will take action to remove the towel from the car wiper, perhaps a group of thieves, consisting of several people, will attack you while you are distracted, take your key and get into your car. and leave the stage…

4. Cheating coins

Coin cheating is also one of the tricks often used by car thieves. This technique, applied quite simply, is extremely dangerous in its results. Because it is almost impossible for an experienced thief not to achieve his goal with this unusual trick!

The thieves put a coin in the gap between the door handle of the car and the door. So the locking system in your car is not working properly and while you think you are locking your car with the remote control, thieves get lost with your car or your valuables in your car.

5. Graffiti trick


The shapes and writings that suddenly appear on the walls next to your house may, of course, mean nothing to you. However, these numbers may be important text in a language that the thieves have worked out among themselves!

Thieves can communicate important messages to themselves and other thieves through seemingly meaningless symbols they leave in the vicinity of your home. For example, important information can be disseminated to thieves using this trick, such as whether the house in question has a dog, whether the house is suitable for burglary, or is only empty at certain hours. For this reason, if you see symbols that change from time to time near your home and that you cannot understand, feel free to take steps to increase security measures.

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