With the support of artificial intelligence, we can deepen our Google research in areas ranging from fashion to travel, jewelry to education. You can personalize your search even more by using Google Lens’ multi-search feature. For example, you can add new questions to your searches and perform both visual and text searches at the same time. You can also directly search for what you see through the Google Lens app! In this article, we will tell you about 5 ways to use Google Lens that make life easier👇

1. Travel

Google Lens is an app available in 70 languages ​​worldwide. Thus, it provides translation support to people traveling abroad. It has the ability to save translated texts, websites or addresses as text. Also, if you want to know where a restaurant or venue is located, Google Lens can show you detailed information about those places.

2. Food and drink

Google Lens

Google Lens; It can use data from labels, text scans, QR codes, and menu images. Thanks to this feature, you can find the recipe for that dish just by scanning a photo of the dish, isn’t that great? In addition, if you take a photo of the food and the menu and click on the “select restaurant” option thanks to the “food” option between the lenses, you can find out which restaurants can eat the corresponding food. Wonderful!

3. Decoration

Google Lens

You can learn the names of plants you see but don’t know with Google Lens. You can get detailed information about the care of the tree or flower you are interested in, just by taking a photo. That’s not all! For example, if you have a dinner set at home, if you want to find a suitable coffee table, Google Lens will help you. Just upload a photo of the dishes to the app and write “coffee table”. The options will appear in front of you.

4. Fashion

Google Lens has a search function for the image you upload. Thanks to this, you can also explore fashion. For example, you like a product but don’t know the brand, you can find it by taking a picture. Another example: you know the designer of the dress, but you don’t know what season it belongs to. To do this, you can search for an image and text together. Also, if you search for an image of a bag on Google Lens and type “wallet”, you might find a wallet with the same pattern as the bag. Also, if you are looking for a different necklace color that you like, you can also access pink options by typing “pink”.

5. Health

The possibilities of Google Lens are truly endless! Thanks to the app’s skin scanning feature, you can get information about rashes, burns, injuries, or skin problems on your body. You can get more details about your issue by adding text during a visual search.

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