Unfortunately, we have lost thousands of our people in one of the greatest disasters in human history. Two strong earthquakes in Kahramanmaras with a difference of only 9 hours led to the collapse of thousands of buildings in 10 provinces. Thousands of our people are still under the rubble. However, many of our people, rescued alive from the rubble, are struggling with cold and adverse climatic conditions. However, in the face of this great catastrophe, Turkey is trying to heal its wounds by becoming one heart. Millions of people across the country became part of the mobilization of assistance to our citizens in the earthquake zone. Millions of people are working hard to bring to the region all kinds of humanitarian aid needed in the earthquake area.

However, quite recently, very sad news for mankind came from Edirne. It is alleged that 4 employees working in the municipality of Keshan stole humanitarian materials collected to be sent to the earthquake area! Let’s look at the details together…

The earthquakes in Kahramanmaras caused unprecedented destruction in our country.

After the great catastrophe, according to the latest data, 16,546 people died and 66,132 people were injured. A total of 6,444 buildings were destroyed in 10 provinces. Thousands of our people are still under the rubble, waiting to be rescued. On the other hand, a powerful mobilization of aid began throughout the country.

Millions of people from different parts of Turkey rush to help the victims of the earthquake.

Many of our citizens are making every effort to make even the slightest contribution to search and rescue efforts in the earthquake area. Millions of people living far from the earthquake zone are involved in various relief organizations. Turkey is trying to get through one of the darkest times in our history together, helping each other.

Edirne, like our other provinces, is one of the places where a large-scale mobilization of aid has begun.


A feverish relief campaign is also taking place in the Kesan district of Edirne. After the call for help made by the municipality of Keshan, many people from Keshan brought many essentials, from blankets to heaters, from winter clothes to diapers, to the indoor gym of Keshan High School. However, even during such a period, unscrupulous people can appear!

It is alleged that the 4 employees of the municipality assigned to classify the materials stole some supporting materials!


It is alleged that 4 employees of the Parks and Gardens Department of Kesan Municipality stole some humanitarian materials and took them to their homes.

Kesan Mayor Mustafa Helvacioglu announced that an investigation had been launched into the matter.


Helvacioglu made a statement regarding this outrageous statement: “Now we are at the stage of investigation. Employment contracts will be terminated based on the results of the investigation. They were asked to defend themselves until tomorrow. The disciplinary committee will meet on Monday. If the incident turns out to be true, their employment will be terminated immediately. There is no excuse for this. Nobody can forgive this. All my 539 employees should put their heart into this. These 4 people cannot be our employees. We cannot accept this. There are statements and comments. I understand it’s done. Information is in this direction. We will also file a complaint with the prosecutor’s office.made statements.

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