Flappy Birds, Instagram, deer tights… With all the factors that entailed, the 2010s were perhaps the most interesting period in our lives. Amidst the spread of social media culture and a lot of crazy fashion developments, we didn’t even realize how fast the decade had flown by and how much progress we had made. It’s been almost a decade since most of the points we’ve shared in this article… We feel a little old. With these 32 items, we’ll take you back to the 2010s and take a little nostalgic trip!

1. Apple introduced its first tablet!

2. Lady Gaga came to the MTV Video Music Awards in a dress made of meat.


We were all a little queasy when we heard the news.

3. Formed one direction


4. Instagram is open!


5. We played Angry Birds all day


It explodes, disintegrating into three plump birds…

6. Justin Bieber releases “Baby”


And the lives of young people changed forever.

7. Neon colors were everywhere!


8. Feather hair extensions are in fashion


9. Lindsay Lohan went to jail, made a splash


10. Lost’s ending left a lot of people upset, emotional and confused.


11 Vampires Were Very Popular


They have been the main characters in many series, films and books. Twilight, The Vampire Diaries…

12. Taio Cruz releases “Break Your Heart” featuring Ludacris.


13. Who can forget fancy printed t-shirts?


14. Kate Middleton and Prince William got engaged


And William’s hair began to fall out.

15. Maxi dresses and skirts have become popular.


16. It has become common to wear tights instead of jeans or regular trousers.


17. Remember deer tights?

18. We say Harlem Shake, nothing else

19. Ah, dummy challenge, ah …

For those who don’t know, this current is about freezing time. In other words, in the commercials, people stand motionless, like models, things seem to fly in the air. Even the well-known program of that time Beyaz Show joined the movement.

20. “TiK ToK” (not an app, but Kesha’s song) hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

21. Cracking nail polishes have arrived.

22. #YOLO

23. Stay calm and…

24. Mustache tattoo on finger…

What did those eyes see?

25. We all started contouring with Kim Kardashian.

26. In 2012, the end of the world was supposed to come, does anyone remember? Sirince broke the all-time travel record 🥲

27. Cinnamon Challenge… Why?

In this stream, YouTubers tried not to choke by throwing a spoonful of cinnamon into their mouths..

28. Aren’t we all crazy about Flappy Bird?

29. Before TikTok was Vine, Vine!

30. Those were the days when we enjoyed Hey Girl and Go Girl magazines.

31. Gangnam style has spread like a virus around the world.

32. Listlist.com finally created!💕

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