Ireland is a magical country with lush valleys, mystical mountains and boundless blues. A country that has a unique atmosphere penetrates into the soul of a person, with its cobbled streets smelling of history at every turn, its warm-blooded people and its culture that adheres to its traditions. Ireland’s history is full of challenges. His people survived and struggled to express themselves with the power they drew from their millennial past. This struggle is reflected in their art, music and literature. Literary giants such as James Joyce, William Butler Yeats and Oscar Wilde were born in these lands and left their mark on the world. We share with you 30 facts about this beautiful country:

1. The average Irishman drinks 131.1 liters of beer a year.

Interestingly, Ireland only ranks 4th on the list of “highest per capita beer consumption in the world.”

2. The harp is the official symbol of Ireland.


It is also the only country in the world whose national symbol is a musical instrument.

3. Irish Gaelic is the official language of the country.


However, only 380,000 continued to speak the language fluently.

4. Ireland has won Eurovision seven times.


5. There are no snakes, moles and weasels in Ireland.


6. The oldest pub in the world is in Ireland.


Dating back to 900 AD, Shona’s Bar is over 1100 years old!

7. Halloween originates from the Samhain festival in Ireland.


Samhain symbolizes the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter.

8. Irish scientist John Tyndall discovered the reason why the sky is blue.


9. Contrary to popular belief, Saint Patrick is not Irish.


He was a Roman living in Britain. Patrick is believed to have been kidnapped at the age of 16 and taken to Ireland.

10. Irishman James Hoban designed both White Houses in the US.


11. 90% of the population of Ireland are Catholics, but only 30% of them go to church


12. The country with the fewest UFO reports in Europe is Ireland.


13. In Dublin, there is one pub for every 100 people.


14. Hook Lighthouse in Ireland is the oldest operating lighthouse in the world.


Its history dates back to 1200 AD.

15. Irish soil was not suitable for growing grain until the advent of modern machinery and fertilizers in the 20th century.


Therefore, potatoes were not considered a staple food until the 17th century.

16. The oldest yacht club in the world is The Royal Cork Yacht Club, founded in 1720 in this country.

17. On January 1, 1801, the Union Jack flew in Dublin for the first time to commemorate the union between Great Britain and Ireland.

18. Guinness is the largest beer brand in Ireland and the largest producer of stout-style beers in the world.

The original Guinness brewery in Dublin has a 9,000-year lease at a flat rate of around $70 a year.

19. The Irish name for the country is Éire.

20. Ireland was one of the first 12 European countries to adopt the euro in 2002.

21. Swearing has been banned in Ireland until 2020.

22. There is an island off the coast of Dublin where kangaroos live.

23. The Irish have a very interesting birthday tradition. They raise the birthday man upside down and beat his head on the floor for as long as he is old.

24. Hurling is an ancient Irish sport dating back to prehistoric times.

It has been known to have been played for 3,000 years.

25. Before the Great Famine (1845), the population of Ireland was estimated at 8 million people. The population, which today is about 5 million people, has not yet fully recovered.

26. Until the 1920s, couples in Ireland could officially marry by walking towards each other in the city of Teltown on St. Brigid’s Day (February 1).

In the same place, again on the day of St. Brigid, they could “get divorced”, moving away from each other.

27. The world’s oldest solar observatory is located in Newgrange, Ireland.

It was built 5000 years ago during the New Stone Age. So it is older than both the pyramids and Stonehenge.

28. The longest running talk show in the world was broadcast in Ireland.

The Late Late Show started in 1965 and has changed hosts only 3 times since its inception.

29. The longest place name in Ireland is Sruffaunoughterluggatoora in Galway.

30. A city in Ireland celebrates a very interesting festival. At a festival called Puck Fair, a wild goat is caught and declared king for 3 days. The goat was released into nature after the holiday

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