In the Merzifon district of Amasya, as a result of a collision between a car, theater actors and a truck, 3 people were killed and 8 were injured. The minibus from Chorum to Samsun was controlled by Aykut Bektash. The minibus collided with a truck driven by Hadji Ahmet Kılıç, which was driving in the same direction in the village of Chaibashi. After the incident, a large number of police, medical teams and firefighters were sent to the region. Ozgur Karataş, Tolga Gülerüz and Burak Topcu unfortunately died during the accident. Let’s look at the details together.

A minibus with theater actors collided with a truck in the Merzifon area on the way from Chorum to Samsun.

Yesterday in Chorum the actors of the theater staged the play “The Main Trouble”. After the minibus with the players had an accident, Ozgur Karatas, Tolga Guleruz and Burak Topcu died in the car.

Aykut Bektash, Jeyhun Fersoy, Ozgur Ayaz, Melis Ishiten, Burak Gulchebi, Sergen Devedzhi, Filiz Ozbek and Ugur Shalvardzhioglu were taken to nearby hospitals in ambulances sent to the region. It was stated that the condition of Sergen Devecha, well-known to social media users, is assessed as serious.

The actors, who were being treated at the state hospitals Merzifon and Suluov, took to the stage of the Chorum State Theater yesterday. The players who were on the 7-day tour of the game called Head Trouble were returning.

The governor of Amasya, Mustafa Masatli, announced that the car with the theater actors was moving quickly during the first inspections.

Having visited the team injured in the accident, Masatli also gave information about the state of health of the victims:

“Unfortunately, we lost 3 people in the accident. As a result of the accident, 7 of our citizens from the theater troupe were injured. We sent 2 of them to Samsun. One of them was released. At the moment, four of them are being treated at our Sabunjoglu research hospital. One of them is in critical condition. We may be able to refer you to another hospital for further treatment. I also spoke with Mr. Jeyhun, he is now in good condition. There was only a problem in standing tendons. On the other hand, he has minor injuries on various parts of his body. I think we can get him out of here in a few days. At the first inspection by our friends, we have now established that the minibus carrying the theater troupe was fast, and as a result of this speed, the accident occurred as a result of a rear-end collision with a truck traveling on the same route. ”

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