Music allows us to express many emotions. In fact, several studies have confirmed that music reduces stress and anxiety levels. Music not only relieves stress. Some songs touch our soul so much that we can express our sadness, joy and passion in them. Some people even say from time to time that the right parts increase their libido. Sure, a song played during lovemaking can lower your mood or help you focus more on the moment. do you agree with this? If you don’t agree, we have an offer for you. Try putting together a playlist to intensify the passion in your bedroom. Well, if you are wondering what songs should be in the playlist, keep reading our article. We have collected sex songs for you.

Couples may experience congestion in their bedrooms from time to time. But there are different ways to raise this fever.

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They say that one of these ways is to immerse yourself in the flow and rhythm of the music.

sex songs

Undoubtedly, the mesmerizing effect of music makes you get much more electricity from now on during lovemaking and increases your arousal. In fact, Spotify, one of the most popular music platforms, has compiled the songs that users listen to the most while making love in recent years.

We’ve put together 25 songs for you to help ignite the fire in your bedroom. Here are each other’s hot sex songs;

1. “Drunk in Love” – ​​Beyoncé and JAY-Z

2. Afterglow – Flores

3. Bad (Remix) – Wale and Rihanna

4. All the time – Jeremy, Lil Wayne and Natasha Mosley

5. What You Need – The Weeknd

6. Say it – Tori Lanez

7. Skin – Rihanna

8. Motivation – Kelly Rowland and Lil Wayne

9. Vixen – Miguel

10. Love me harder – Ariana Grande and The Weeknd

11. Often – The Weeknd

12. Dance for you – Beyoncé

13. Slow Motion – Trey Songz

14. Quit – Cashmere Cat and Ariana Grande

15. Section – Beyoncé

16. Pillowtalk – Zayn Malik

17. Path – Kelani

18. Trip – Ciara and Ludacris

19. Coffee – Miguel and Vale

20. Practice – Drake

21. Great Expectations – PartyNextDoor

22. Me and you – Cassie

23. Push – Twenty88

24. Bump n’ Grind – R. Kelly

25 She Will – Lil Wayne and Drake

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