Some laws, such as the right to life and the right to property, are universal. Wherever you go in the world, this situation will not change. However, some laws are region specific. We have been looking for these strange laws for you and have been stunned by what we have found. From selling pet hair to fishing with a gun, let’s take a closer look at these 25 laws that are very interesting to us.

1. Vermont bans “hanging clotheslines outside”

Yes, you misread. In 2009, Vermont outlawed the clothesline ban by local associations that often meet in the United States and make decisions in the neighborhood.

2. In Wisconsin, you can’t throw rocks at trains.


Wisconsin has a law that “You may not launch rocks, bricks, or rockets at any train.” It is technically possible to slowly throw rocks or bricks at a train, but no one has tested this yet.

3. If you fight in Utah, don’t bite your opponent!


Biting an opponent is illegal in mixed martial arts (MMA) in Utah.

4. In Massachusetts, you can’t swear at sporting events.


In Turkey, swearing is quite common, especially during football matches. However, if you are over the age of 16, it is illegal in Massachusetts to swear at players or officials during sporting events.

5. It is illegal in Alabama to impersonate a religious figure.


Unless you are a truly religious person, you cannot publicly act as a pastor, nun, priest, or rabbi in Alabama.

6. A bingo game cannot last more than five hours in North Carolina.


If you love to play bingo, this might be bad news for you.

7. In Indiana, you can’t sniff glue to get drunk.


In Indiana, you must not sniff glue “with the intent to induce a state of intoxication, euphoria, arousal, alertness, dizziness, or dullness of the senses.” But if you sniff for other reasons, that’s fine.

8. In Rhode Island, it is illegal to bite a person’s hand.


Rhode Island has a law against biting limbs by anyone other than yourself.

9. In Tennessee, teachers are not allowed to talk to students about how to hold hands.


Tennessee’s Sexual Conduct Law prohibits teachers from discussing with students anything that is considered a “route to sex.” This includes kissing and holding hands.

10. You can’t sell your eyes in Texas.


It’s not just your eyes. Selling any organs of your body is illegal in Texas.

11. Dance floors in South Carolina cannot be located near cemeteries.


Dance floors in South Carolina cannot be closer than 400 meters from churches and cemeteries.

12. They also cannot be open on Sundays.


By law, dance floors in South Carolina are closed on Sundays.

13. Alcohol is not to be discounted in Utah.

It is against the law to discount liquor or do anything that promotes alcohol.

14. You can’t fish with a gun in Wyoming.

We don’t know why this is such a law, but if you happen to be in Wyoming and decide to go fishing, don’t do it with a firearm.

15. In Georgia, you cannot live on a boat for more than 90 days.

Yes, for some reason you cannot live on a boat in Georgia for more than 90 days.

16. Billboards are banned in Hawaii.

To preserve the natural beauty of the region, this law may be more logical than others.

17. Iowa tanning salons should have a warning sign.

The dangers of using a tanning bed in Iowa must be posted prominently next to every bed.

18. People are not allowed to lie on the sidewalks in Reno, Nevada.

If we can’t do it, why go? 😒

19. In Oregon, you can get fined if you leave your car door open for too long.

“Where?” open car doors can be a hazard to cyclists.

20. In Oregon, you can’t pee out of your car at the same time.

Oregon has a law that prohibits people from throwing inappropriate substances while driving. Also this time you can’t put it on the ground slowly.

You can’t play dominoes in Alabama on Sunday 21.

Also on this day you can not hunt, shoot, play cards or race. In addition, you cannot organize or participate in bear fights on any day of the week.

22. You can’t sell dog hair in Delaware.

Also, cat hair should not be sold “recklessly”. You also cannot sell “any item made wholly or partly” from the fur of your furry friends.

23. You can’t wear body armor when committing a crime in New Jersey.

If you decide to commit a crime in New Jersey and wear body armor while doing so, you will receive double punishment.

24. In Michigan, it is illegal to get drunk on a train.

We don’t know why, but it is.

25. You can’t chip anyone in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin has a law that “no one can require a person to implant a microchip.”

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