After a 7.7 magnitude earthquake devastated 11 provinces of Kahramanmarash, Russia took action and 23 trucks of humanitarian aid were sent to Turkey.

23 aid trucks were delivered to Adiyaman, hit by the February 6 Kahramanmarash earthquake, at the call of Duma deputy Rizvan Kurbanov, the lower wing of the Russian parliament.

Kurbanov left for Moscow, St. Petersburg. The cities of St. Petersburg, Tyumen and Yekaterinburg turned to help.

At the call and with the support of the deputy, 23 trucks with humanitarian aid arrived in Adiyaman.

Rizvan Kurbanov, who arrived in the city escorted by truckloads of humanitarian aid, told Anadolu (AA) that the disaster in Turkey shocked the world.

Explaining that there was a big shock in Russia after the earthquakes, Kurbanov said: “We have collected aid for the needs of Turkey. This assistance is solely on behalf of the citizens of Russia. The Dagestan Foundation launched the “Pure Heart” campaign. He sent this call both from the Republic of Dagestan and from Moscow, St. Petersburg. He was supported by many residents of St. Petersburg, Tyumen and Yekaterinburg. We delivered this help to Adiyaman. There are 23 trucks with food, tents and everything you need.” said.

Saying that they are consulting with Turkey, Kurbanov said: “The Turkish side has always helped everyone, has always supported the solution of the problems of all countries. For this reason, today all countries should unite and help Turkey. Once again, we would like to express our sincere condolences to the Turkish people and the government of Turkey and wish a speedy recovery to the injured.” used phrases.

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