Life is a very short but valuable process. Therefore, few things are as important as how we live. Today, however, millions or even billions of people complain about the monotony of life. Because we must admit that change is not easy at all. Especially when it comes to a person’s entire life. However, there are several ways that those who want to make this short and precious treasure more meaningful can try. Here are 18 methods for those who want to live a different and conscious life.

1. Explore the mysterious aspects of life

Do not be afraid to go beyond the usual values ​​and habitual norms. Yes, your attempt to discover the mysterious side of life and your attempt to break the usual rules of life may not please the people around you. However, if you want to be in the know and live a different life, there are a few things you should consider.

2. Design your own system


You have met many people who say that it is best to lead a systematic way of life. However, how many people have you met who say that you need to develop your own system in the face of life? Remember that being different and aware is not the same as being completely outside of rules and systems. You just need to develop your own system and rules, that’s all.

3. Learn to think independently

It can be helpful to take an outside look at the groups, communities, or societies that you have been a part of for many years. Try to identify the differences between you and the society or group you belong to. You cannot learn to think independently unless you are critical of the groups you think you are a part of. The ability to think independently is one of the most basic traits that those who want a different and conscious life must possess.

4. Stop being balanced

Because balanced people change the world, which we have not seen yet! It is difficult to say that these people can seriously change their lives. So if you really want to have a different and fulfilling life, don’t be afraid to be yourself and don’t be afraid of the ups and downs.

5. Don’t Worry About Situations You Can’t Control

Remember that you will have no control over many of the situations that you will face throughout your life. So in general, don’t worry.

6. Don’t be afraid to take risks


When faced with a risky situation, most people care more about not losing than winning. Keep in mind that sometimes mooring in safe harbors can be the most dangerous thing you can do.

7. Stop trying to please others

Because this habit makes you constantly feel anxious and unhappy. With great optimism, it can be expected that people in such a situation will be able to differentiate their lives and become aware of life.

8. Be a good person

Kindness can be the first step that will lead you to happiness, or the key that opens the door for you to a different, conscious life. Increase the variety of your services and the number of people you do good for.

9. Strive to learn new things

And every day. Because your awareness can only grow in parallel with your level of knowledge.

10. Give up activities you don’t like.

Every person, for various reasons, has to do what he does not like. Only those who can direct their lives in the direction they need can get rid of this need.

11. Spend more time with positive people

12. Don’t compare yourself to others

Because it will bring you nothing but misery. Unhappiness is the last thing you need in your quest to lead a different life.

13. Stick to your schedule


But once in a while, get completely out of your schedule.

14. Try Alternative Ways/Methods


Almost everything in life has an alternative path. Feel free to take different paths.

15. Try to improve your emotional intelligence


Understanding and empathy are not innate traits. Therefore, strive to increase your emotional intelligence and empathy skills, which are vital to starting a different and conscious life.

16. Do not try to change for others and change others


Change can only be meaningful and beneficial when it affects you and your own life.

17. Be kind


Although many underestimate kindness, it has a positive effect on everyone. It does not require special training or effort. So, you can start the fight to change your life by being kind.

18. Don’t be afraid to change your mind


If you want to be conscious, remember the fact that even your firmly rooted ideas can change, and moreover, you will have to accept this change.

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