Football is one of the most popular sports in history. The fierce competition between football teams on and off the field is the spectacle of exciting moments and is followed by millions of people across the world. Of course, there are other reasons why football is so popular. Foremost among them are the players. Some players draw attention with their unique skills on the green, some players with their unstoppable speed and some players with their aggressive stances. There are also players who are distinguished by their “air dominance” of the field and who “look over” other players. Here are the 17 tallest footballers in history…

1. Simon Bloch Jorgensen

Born in Germany in 1992, this “Danish giant” has a height of 2.10 meters! The goalkeeper, who for some time played for the world-famous football team Copenhagen, now guards the castle of the English team Waltham Abbey. And as you can imagine, very few heads see the lake in his castle.

2. Christophe van Hout

The Belgian goalkeeper, with a height of 2.08 metres, is among the tallest professional footballers not only in Belgium but also in the world. Christophe van Houte is fighting for the success of the Belgian team Lommel.

3. Paul Millar

The Scottish striker, who tops the list of tallest footballers in the world, is the name that opposition defenses fear most with his height of 2.08 metres. Millar currently plays for the Scottish club Deveronvale.

4. Vanga Evsa

Vanja Ivesa is a well-known name among football fans in our country. The successful goalkeeper wore the shirts of Eski┼čehirspor and Elazigspor in our country. The Croatian goalkeeper, who retired from the green in the past years, is still among the tallest soccer players in the world. The former 2.05m goalkeeper works for the Croatian team NK Opatija.

5. Thomas Holly

Another goalkeeper in the list of tall players is Thomas Holly. At 2.05 metres, the Czech goalkeeper is also the tallest professional soccer player in Czech football.

6. Yang Changping

Standing out at a stature of 2.04 metres, the Chinese forward plays for the Henan Jianye soccer team.

7. Tor Hougen Aaron

Norwegian footballer Tor Hogne Aaroy is one of the prominent names in the list of tallest footballers with a height of 2.04. Aaoy, whose professional football career began in 1995 and ended in 2014, is now working for the Norwegian team Aalesunds.

8. Lacina Traore

Lacina Traore, one of the tallest professional soccer players in Ivory Coast, is exactly 2.03 meters tall. Traore plays for the Portuguese team Varsem as a striker.

9. Abdulbaa


The Senegalese defender is 2.03 meters tall. He plays for the Libyan Al-Ahly Tripoli team, and the player also holds the title of the tallest professional soccer player in the team’s history.

10. Costel Panteleimon


Giant Romanian goalkeeper Costel Panteleimon, whose height is 2.03 meters, once fought with the important teams of England.

11. Kjell Peter Ofim


The Norwegian goalkeeper is one of the tallest players on soccer fields, with a height of 2.03 metres.

12. Even Iverson


The Norwegian defender, who has spent his entire professional football career in his country, is 2.03 meters tall.

13. Oyvind Hoas


Northern European countries are famous for their tall soccer players. Another tall Norwegian on our list is Oyvind Hoas. The footballer, who is the most important offensive weapon of the Norwegian Kristiansund team, is 2.03 meters tall.

14. Michael Mina Qvist


A Danish soccer player of Colombian descent, he wears the jersey of Brei├░ablik, one of the soccer teams in Iceland. Qvist stands out as one of the tallest names in both Danish and Colombian football with a height of 2.03 metres.

15. Peter Crouch


England footballer Peter Crouch has been a huge threat to opposing defences for a while with Liverpool. With his tall stature, he attracted attention especially with his dominance in the air cannons. English soccer player, 2.01 meters tall.

16. Omar Gonzalez


Omar Gonzalez, a US citizen, is a 1.93-meter-tall defender who does not let forwards pass.

17. Paul Robinson


The English goalkeeper is a bit short compared to the other goalkeepers on our list of tallest players! However, it is not at all short compared to the global average! Robinson is 1.93 meters tall.

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