Becoming a famous actor, singer, or sportsman has probably been a dream of many people, at least for some time. Because world-famous names have a life that seems perfect from the outside. But the reality is not quite like that. Above all, celebrities with millions of fans around the world need to look as flawless as their lives! For this reason, celebrities who appear at award ceremonies, television programs or galas accompanied by millions of people must spend a lot of time deciding what to wear!

It’s probably not a mistake to think that especially male celebrities put a lot of effort into choosing clothes. Because for many years the main element of men’s fashion was suits and various outfits. However, some famous men are extremely willing and successful in changing their style. Here are 16 world famous men who decided to go beyond the traditional sense of fashion and spice up their style…

2 Jake Gyllenhaal

3. Billy Porter

4. Dan Levy

5. Sebastian Stan

6. Lil Nas X

7. Jeremy Pope

8 Machine Gun Kelly

9. Harry Styles


10. Timothée Chalamet


11. Patrick Starr


12. Ricky Thompson


13. Simu Liu


14. Benedict Cumberbatch


15. Kid Cudi


16. Pierce Brosnan


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