The wilderness is filled with countless creatures with awe-inspiring characteristics. Raccoons, the cute but dangerous “thugs” of nature, are also among the creatures with very interesting characteristics. Raccoons, which are among the favorite creatures of many people thanks to their unusual appearance, are characterized by a very high intelligence and a surprisingly long lifespan, which can adapt to both wild nature and city life. But there are other characteristics that make raccoons really interesting. Here are 15 surprising facts about raccoons that you probably haven’t heard of before.

1. Raccoons in captivity can live up to 20 years

Unfortunately, raccoons live much shorter lives in the wild. Raccoons in the wild can only live for an average of 3 years.

2. They can make over 50 different sounds

In other words, they have a much more advanced communication system compared to many living things in the animal kingdom.

Today, the city with the largest raccoon population is Toronto.

4. They are not too picky about their diet

Insects, frogs, fish, vegetables or fruits… Raccoons eat almost everything in their environment!

5. Cars are the raccoon’s worst enemy!

Cougars or lynxes are quite a serious threat to raccoons. But these interesting creatures don’t have many enemies in the wild. However, raccoons are mostly killed in car accidents.

6. There are 7 different species of raccoons

7. The average weight of a raccoon ranges from 3 to 9 kilograms. Their average length is 40-70 centimeters.

8. Pregnancy lasts 63 days


However, raccoons give birth to an average of 7 cubs at a time. Raccoon cubs spend the first years of their lives where they open their eyes, and in the process, the raccoon mother raises her cubs alone.

9. They are among the most intelligent wild creatures

According to experts, they have a level of intelligence similar to that of primates. For example, they can learn some clever things like using their claws to open doors. According to scientific studies, they can remember new skills they have learned over many years.

10. It is not known exactly what the black “mask” in their eyes does, which is why they are called “wild thugs”


However, some scientists believe that this mask gives raccoons, which are generally nocturnal creatures, sharper night vision.

11. They spend the winter in their burrows

However, they are not in the habit of hibernating. In contrast, raccoons enter a “lethargy” phase when it gets colder.

12. They can move extremely fast

Even when climbing trees! With speeds of up to 25 kilometers per hour, one of the most typical characteristics of raccoons is getting lost in a short time with “stealing” food.

13. It is not easy to predict how a raccoon will behave.


Therefore, in some cases, they can become a serious threat to humans. On the other hand, many of the diseases they carry, especially rabies, are among the issues that require caution when approaching raccoons.

14. Their fur was a valuable status symbol well into the 20th century


For this reason, raccoon hunting was very common in the 19th and 20th centuries. They are trapped and hunted by humans. It was found that during the periods in question, clothes of all kinds were bought for very high sums, and especially hats made of their fur.

15. Their front paws, each with 5 toes, are extremely sensitive.


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