Hollywood recently kicked off the 2023 awards season with the Golden Globe and Grammy Awards. Celebrities attending both ceremonies were stunned. While some celebrities have reached the pinnacle of their careers, others have written their names in history in gold letters. To understand how far these celebrities have come, you need to look at where they started. Here are 15 photos of the actors and musicians who attended the Grammy and Golden Globe Awards, their first and last appearances at the ceremonies.

1. Adele at the 2009 and 2023 Grammys

2. Beyoncé at the 2000 and 2023 Grammys


3. Eddie Murphy at the Golden Globes in 2007 and 2023.


4. Chris Martin at the 2004 and 2023 Grammys


5. Dwayne Johnson at the 2009 and 2023 Grammys


6. Taylor Swift at the 2008 and 2023 Grammys


7. Sam Smith at the 2014 and 2023 Grammys


8. Colin Farrell at the Golden Globes in 2009 and 2023.


9. Brad Pitt at the Golden Globes in 1995 and 2023.

10. Jamie Lee Curtis at the Golden Globes in 1989 and 2023.

11. Paris Hilton at the 2009 and 2023 Grammy Awards.

12. Angela Bassett at the Golden Globes in 1994 and 2023.

13. Pharrell Williams at the Grammys in 2004 and 2023.

14. Jennifer Lopez at the 1999 and 2023 Grammys

15. Madonna at the Grammy Awards in 1999 and 2023.

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