Princess Diana is regarded worldwide as one of the fashion icons, and her legendary outfits continue to inspire many even today. The lady’s style and impeccable sense of style often impress her bride, Catherine Middleton. However, instead of copying her mother-in-law’s style, Kate pairs them in a way that respects Diana. Let’s take a look at the similar outfits both princesses wear.

1. At this year’s BAFTA Awards, Princess of Wales Kate Middleton wore a one-shoulder white dress reminiscent of the white sequined dress that Lady Diana wore to the film premiere in 1983.

2. The elegant hijab suit that Kate Middleton wore during her visit to Malaysia in 2012 is very similar to what Princess Diana wore during her visit to Pakistan in 1996.


3. Kate Middleton’s gorgeous black velvet dress, which she wore to an event in 2011, reminds us of Lady Diana’s sophisticated look at Goldsmiths Hall in 1981.


4. Princess Kate wore a sequined aquamarine dress to the Royal Variety Show in London in 2021, very similar to the one her mother-in-law wore during her visit to Austria in 1986.


5. In February 2023, Kate Middleton appeared before the cameras in a red herringbone patterned jacket, similar to the one worn by Diana in 1991.


6. Kate recreates the look that Diana adored in 1983. A royal blue dress with a blue hat and pleated sleeves looks perfect on both


7. Middleton salutes the dress Princess Diana once wore to an event in Luton in 2016.


8. In 2017, Kate Middleton opted for a beautiful pink dress similar to the one Lady Diana wore on her tour of Australia in 1983.

9. Kate wore a dress similar to the one Diana wore in 1988 during the Royal Ascot event in 2022.

10. The turquoise dress that Princess Diana wore during her tour of Australia in 1985 is very similar to what Kate Middleton wore in 2012.

11. The white dress that Kate chose for Princess Charlotte’s christening in 2015 is nearly identical to Princess Diana’s when she visited the Isle of Wight in 1985.

12. The beautiful floral print dress Princess Catherine wore in 2017 is Diana’s 1981 dress. This seems to be a reference to the dress she wore to her wedding rehearsal at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

13. Princess Kate’s pink coat she wore in 2015 reminded us of another dress.

14. Kate’s stunning red sequin dress at the 2022 royal Christmas party is a nod to Diana’s 1984 look.

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