There are dozens of interesting species in nature. Some surprise people with their exceptional hunting abilities, others with amazing stealth skills. However, some animals are very important to some human societies. Kangaroos, one of the symbols of Australia, are also extremely important to the inhabitants of the continent. So much so that Australians adopt certain characteristics of kangaroos as the character of their nation.

On the other hand, kangaroos make up a large part of the creatures that live in Australia. Thus, the number of kangaroos in Australia is greater than the number of people! But there are other things you should know about these amazing creatures. Here are 13 surprising facts about kangaroos you probably haven’t heard of before…

1. Male kangaroos “show their muscles” to impress females

Male kangaroos don’t just use their powerful muscles to fight off opponents. Females prefer more muscular male kangaroos for mating. For this reason, male kangaroos are known to display their muscles to impress females.

2. Kangaroos run to the water in case of danger

In the wild, kangaroos do not have many enemies. However, they can be attacked by various creatures from time to time. At such times, the first thing kangaroos do is flee to the nearby wetlands. The reason for this is very interesting. Because kangaroos eliminate danger by drowning enemies in the pond they drag. If there are no swamps in the area where the kangaroo was attacked, it tries to defend itself with powerful kicks.

3. They pop out of necessity

Jumping is one of the most characteristic features of kangaroos. However, this action is not a choice for them, but a necessity. Because these interesting creatures cannot move their legs independently of the body. Therefore, they cannot use their legs to walk. Thanks to their jumping speed, which can reach 55 kilometers per hour, they do not need to walk much.

4. A kangaroo kick can kill a man!

5. Female kangaroos can terminate pregnancies

Kangaroos have many interesting features. However, these characteristics make them truly amazing creatures. A pregnant kangaroo can terminate a pregnancy if it wants to! In this case, the development of the embryo does not continue. However, a kangaroo can start the pregnancy process again when it feels ready to be a mother.

6. Most kangaroos are left-handed

Yes, humans are not the only species that has a dominant hand in nature! Most kangaroos use their left hand for everyday activities.

7. The kangaroo population in Australia outnumbers the human population

According to data from 2015, about 25 million people lived in Australia. During the same period, the number of kangaroos in the country was about 45 million!

8. Kangaroo meat is one of the most popular flavors of Australian cuisine.


The country’s high kangaroo population has made kangaroos an important food source for Australians. For this reason, it is extremely common to find “kangaroo steak” in every restaurant in the country.

9. Kangaroos are the main animals involved in road accidents in Australia


Kangaroos are involved in 80 percent of road accidents involving animals.

10. Kangaroos can’t sweat


Because they don’t have sweat glands. For this reason, they spend most of their time in shaded areas during the hot summer months. In cases where even the shade is not cool enough, they wet themselves by licking.

11. They can’t go back


Their large and muscular tails prevent kangaroos from jumping backwards. However, this characteristic of unique creatures is something that Australians identify with their nation. A country that always moves forward and never goes backā€¦

12. They can jump up to 3 meters


13. The average gestation period of kangaroo females is 3 months


However, a newborn kangaroo almost never leaves its mother’s pouch for 4 months after birth. However, after 10 months, it leaves this sheltered nest.

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