To date, in different regions of the world, a lot of serial killers have appeared, terrorizing their victims and even the whole society. The ability of these ruthless people to become “serial” killers, that is, to kill more than one person, was closely related to some of the characteristics of these monsters. Undoubtedly, the main one was the fact that serial killers painted a completely normal portrait, when viewed from the side. Many of the horrific serial killers led very ordinary lives, working very ordinary jobs. Some of them even neighbors or relatives knew as very calm, sympathetic and good people. It was their “normal” appearance and ordinary life that were the main weapons of terrible serial killers…

Serial killers were also good at not revealing any vulnerabilities. For this reason, the places where these terrible people lived seemed more ordinary, more normal than even themselves. Some serial killers even had manicured gardens, and some had condominiums that never considered the possibility of murder. But over the years, dozens of gruesome clues have surfaced in the homes of various serial killers! Lifeless human bodies, bone fragments, diaries full of details of horrific murders, video cassettes of horrific footage and, of course, mind-blowing weapons of crime… The homes of these serial killers were even more horrifying than the serial killers themselves! Here are 12 chilling photos from the homes of serial killers…

1. Dennis Rader

Serial killer Dennis Rader brutally murdered 10 people between 1974 and 1991 in Wichita, Kansas, USA. He lived in a rather ordinary house in the center of the city until he was caught. However, in this ordinary house, he tortured his victims and took pictures of himself in their clothes…

2. Anthony Sowell

In 2009, the bodies of 11 women were found in the home of serial killer Anthony Sowell. The house looked like a mass grave, indistinguishable from the outside! Sowell hid the body parts of the women he had killed in buckets in the basement of the house.

Gary Ridgway was one of the most notorious serial killers in the US. He was convicted of killing 49 women between 1980 and 1990 in the Seattle area, USA. However, during interrogation, he confessed to killing many more people! The bodies of the victims of this horrific serial killer were found in the killer’s seemingly ordinary garden.

Dorothea Puente was an ordinary old woman who turned her house in California, USA, into a hostel and lived on the money she made from this business! Rather, outsiders could only describe Puente in this way! However, this horrific woman brutally murdered many of her clients in the 1980s and buried them in cold blood in her garden.

5. Dennis Nielsen

Dennis Nielsen, who killed at least 12 people in London, England between 1978 and 1983, buried the corpses of his victims in a vacant lot right behind his house. However, a large number of human bones were found in Nielsen’s apartment.

6. Nathaniel White

American serial killer Nathaniel White had a house that was no different from any farmhouse near New York. But in this nondescript farmhouse in the 1990s, he killed 6 women and buried their bodies where the house was.

Serial killer

Known worldwide as the “Killer Clown”, Gacy was very popular with his neighbors. He was known to be an extremely helpful person. He even disguised himself as a clown to cheer up the sick children of the area in which he lived, and arranged charity evenings for them, lived the most ordinary life in the most ordinary suburb, in the most ordinary house. he brutally killed 33 people. Moreover, he killed many of his victims in this nondescript house.

8. Kendall Francois

Serial killer

Kendall Francois killed at least 8 women in Poughkeepsie, New York between 1966 and 1998. He kept the bodies of his victims in his most ordinary wooden house.

Serial killer

Jeffrey Dahmer, best known for his recent Netflix series, lived in an ordinary apartment in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. The ruthless serial killer killed 17 young people between 1978 and 1991. The last house that 11 of the 17 victims saw was the house where Dahmer lived.

10. Maury Travis

Serial killer

This Missouri apartment, owned by a serial killer named Maury Travis, may look a little cluttered. But it’s certainly not this mess that makes the house a scary place! Between 2000 and 2002, Travis tortured and killed 12 to 20 women in this house.

11. Leonard Lake

Serial killer

A man named Leonard Lake rented a small house in a remote area of ​​California in the 1980s. He turned part of the house into a small workshop. He filled the workshop with saws, pliers, hammers, screwdrivers and many other tools… In this house, Lake tortured and killed at least 11 people.

12. Ed Gein

Serial killer

A man named Ed Gein, who lives in the US state of Wisconsin, owned a farmhouse that looked pretty decent from the outside. So much so that this house looked like it belonged in a postcard landscape, especially during the winter months. However, those who entered the house were faced with a view that was completely opposite to the outside. Chairs made of human skin, spoons made of human bones and many other creepy things…

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