There is nothing better these days than spending time outdoors when nature is dressed in her adorable yellow coat! A great autumn pastime is a raincoat and waterproof boots, specially made so that you can comfortably spend the season and go on a pleasant forest walk. During these months, you can enjoy camping, horseback riding, hiking and many other outdoor sports, creating a conducive environment for outdoor sports. You can choose outdoor clothing to protect your body from external factors during outdoor sports. These products are made from special fabrics to enhance your comfort. Thus, you will always feel comfortable and safe in the face of possible negative situations. One of the first stores that comes to mind when it comes to sportswear, Decathlon offers stylish products that enhance your mobility and take comfort to the next level. Decathlon offers a wide range of equipment and protective clothing for almost every sport. We have collected for you the star products of this season. Read on to find out which Decathlon products accompany your outdoor adventures👇

What is outerwear?

Before moving on to the healthy outdoor products we have selected for you, let’s explain the word “outdoor”. Outdoor, the English word, means open air. The word also refers to a classic term in the clothing industry. All clothing worn and preferred for outdoor sports is collected under this heading. The most important feature of these products is that they are produced in such a way as to best adapt to harsh weather conditions. The fabrics and materials used in outdoor products, which have a longer lifespan than other products, are carefully selected according to the season. You can purchase outdoor sports products that are attracting a lot of attention all over the world on the website or in Decathlon stores.

What does it do?

So what are the benefits of outdoor products? Should it be in our closet? Buy once and use for many years, outdoor products are specially designed to keep you at the maximum level of comfort when playing sports outdoors or in the city. Designed to make you feel safe on a rainy, windy or snowy day and protect you from harsh outdoor conditions, these products will be your best friends any time of the year. Outdoor products are among the items that should be in our closet. On the other hand, we remind you that if you follow the care instructions for the outdoor product you have purchased correctly, you will be able to use it for a long time with the same characteristics. We would like to point out that each outerwear product may have different care instructions. You can extend the life of your product by following the instructions for use on the product label or packaging.

1. Waterproof children’s jacket

Specially designed for sailing, at sea or in rainy, stormy and hot weather, the yellow children’s coat will win the hearts of your children with its stylish and comfortable design. You’ll love the jacket’s waterproof, light weight and easily adjustable design. You can click here to explore and buy a raincoat that will make your kids the star of the season with its perfect yellow color.

2. Men’s softshell coat


Designed for coastal cruising, this soft leather jacket is specially designed for learning to sail in cool weather. This cold-proof jacket features water-repellent fabric. What’s more, it can be worn alone or with other waterproof products. If you are looking for reliable protection against cold and wind, this 2nd layer will be the perfect option. If you want to explore the product in detail and buy a product made of quality materials that will protect you in windy conditions, you can click here.

3. Men’s raincoat

The eco-friendly Raincut half zip raincoat in black is designed for rainy weather and is specially prepared for your hobby workouts in the woods and on the beach. Lightweight, compact and breathable, this rain jacket folds into its own pocket for easy transport. You can buy this raincoat, which attracts attention with ease of transportation, to accompany you on rainy days.

4. Men’s raincoat trousers

Eco-design, waterproof trousers that you can easily pair with the raincoat we mentioned above are specially designed for your outdoor activities. These trousers are ideal for your hobby walks in rainy weather on flat terrain, in the forest or on the coast. These trousers will provide you with a comfortable pastime in nature. Lightweight, waterproof and breathable, these trousers can be carried in a bag. It also offers great protection with your raincoat on days of heavy rain. You can click here to view and buy this stellar outdoor wear that takes up little space, is waterproof and breathable.

5. Gray fleece


Offering maximum comfort and warmth down to 10°C, this eco-design fleece is made for those who love to exercise in cool, wet weather. Made from environmentally friendly recycled polyester, this product is one of Decathlon’s most popular outdoor products with its stylish design. You can easily wear this product that keeps you warm and light thanks to the high collar in the bag. You can click here to explore and buy a gray fleece that will protect you from the cold at sea or on a walk in nature.

6. Sailboat men’s fleece

Men’s Sailboat fleece is another star product on our list. Offering maximum comfort and warmth, this eco-design fleece is specially designed for those who travel in cool, wet weather. You can easily wear this eco-friendly recycled polyester product at the seaside. Thanks to the high collar, the fleece, which retains warmth and at the same time has a light structure, provides effective protection in cold weather. You can click here to explore and purchase this product, which attracts attention with its stylish design.

7. Men’s running windbreaker

In the 8th row of our list is a very stylish and useful version of the windbreaker. This product is a very suitable option for those who run in windy conditions, as well as for athletes who are looking for a breathable windbreaker. Offering great protection on windy days, the outdoor product also features a handy key pocket and hood. You can click here to view the product in detail.

8. Women’s raincoat

Waterproof women’s rain jacket in ocher color is designed for walking in rainy weather on flat or wooded terrain. An outdoor raincoat that provides effective protection will also complement your combinations best with its yellow color. This waterproof and breathable hooded raincoat features 7 different pockets and a drawstring waistband. You can click here to explore and purchase a product that offers comfortable outdoor use.

9. Men’s Long Sleeve Running Shirt


This black long sleeve t-shirt is a great choice for any athlete looking for breathability in their clothing! When used as a first or second layer, the level of breathability is quite high. At the same time, this T-shirt helps to keep the body temperature at an ideal level. With a lightweight structure and a stylish look, the running t-shirt is one of the must-haves in your wardrobe. You can click here to view and purchase the product in detail.

10. Riding vest

The black riding vest, specially designed for riders who love to ride, is designed for beginner riders. The vest, which accompanies you in cool weather and during the warm-up, has a simple and stylish design. This lightweight and form-fitting riding vest provides maximum freedom of movement at shoulder/arm level while keeping the body warm. The vest with 2 pockets is one of the very useful products for outdoor activities. You can click here to view and purchase the product in detail.

11. Outdoor waterproof boots.


Designed for all types of hunting and outdoor activities, waterproof boots offer an excellent user experience in every aspect thanks to their look and design. Comfortable, durable, waterproof and suitable for all types of rugged terrain, these boots are one of the must-have items in your wardrobe if you enjoy outdoor sports. You can click here to explore and buy this product, which is designed with a combination of brown and black tones and is suitable for outdoor sports.

12. Women’s running hoodie

We round off our list of outdoor gear with the stars of Decathlon with a simple sweatshirt with a nice design. As a reminder, this very warm and breathable hoodie is designed specifically for running training. A great option for those who want to be comfortable while running, this product will keep you comfortable with its porous fabric and zippered pockets. You can click here to view and purchase the sweatshirt model in detail.

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