Bunnies are cute and cuddly, they are more than just carrot balls of fur. We’ve compiled 11 facts about these interesting animals that you probably haven’t heard of before. Let’s analyze the details together👇

1. Carrots are not a good food source for rabbits


Most of us like Bugs Bunny’s How’s Up Baby? We grew up watching her eat carrots. But rabbits in nature are not root vegetables like carrots; they prefer green plants such as weeds, grasses, and clover. Of course, you can give your rabbit a carrot from time to time. Just be careful not to overdo it as carrots contain high amounts of sugar. This can rot a rabbit’s teeth.

2. The idiom “multiplies like a rabbit” is true


The rabbit is ready to breed as early as 3 to 8 months old. They then mate for 8 months each year for the rest of their lives. Like humans, female rabbits do not have menstrual cycles. Instead, ovulation is triggered by sexual intercourse. After a gestation period of 30 days, approximately 4 to 12 young rabbits are born.

3. When they’re happy, they can fool around a bit 💕


If you spend time with rabbits, you may witness one of nature’s sweetest acts. These adorable fluffy balls jump and spin in the air when they’re happy. In English it is called “Binky”.

4. They lick themselves like cats


Rabbits like their cleanliness very much. Like cats, they keep themselves clean by licking their fur and paws all day long. So there is no need to bathe pet rabbits.

5. They can’t vomit


Vomiting is the excretion of stomach contents. On the other hand, a rabbit’s digestive system cannot physically move in the opposite direction. While cats shed licked hair from their bodies, rabbits defecate by eating a lot of food.

6. Viewing angles are very wide

You can’t sneak up on rabbits, because their viewing angle is about 360 degrees. In other words, they can easily see from behind, above and to the sides by turning their head. His only blind spot is a spot between his two eyes.

7. They can jump very high

Rabbits use their powerful hind legs to avoid predators. This helps them jump very high. According to the Guinness Book of Records, these agile animals can jump up to 1 meter above the ground. There are even rabbit jumping competitions that rabbit owners can take part in with their pets.

8. Their teeth grow throughout their lives

Like our fingernails, rabbit teeth grow throughout life. The teeth, which can grow up to 12 cm per year, prevent rabbits from eating comfortably. Fortunately, the hard and rough foods they consume in the wild act as sandpaper to prevent this from happening.

9. Rabbits are very hard to catch

Their eyes, ears and strong legs help rabbits avoid predators. In addition, their zigzag course and incredible speed confuse hunters.

10. Rabbits live in intricate tunnels called warrens

Rabbits dig complex systems of house-like tunnels called Burrows that connect small rooms. These shelters allow animals to escape from large predators in comfort. Some tunnels even have more than one entrance.

11. Ears help them stay calm

Rabbit ears serve two main purposes. The first, of course, is listening. Rabbits can hear an approaching threat up to 3.2 km away by turning their ears 270 degrees. Big ears also help rabbits cool down on hot days. More surface area means more places for body heat to dissipate.

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