The history of mankind is filled with many famous characters who actually lived or exist only in works of art. But few people actually inspire a living and immortal fictional character. Yes III. We are talking about Vlad, Vlad Dracul, or, as he is better known, Voivode Tepes. The Wallachian governor, who lived between 1431 and 1476, went down in history with his ruthless attitude towards his enemies, his hatred and the incredible torment that he caused them. He was nicknamed Commander Tepes because he killed enemy soldiers by impalement torture. Because of the legend that he drank the blood of his enemies, he inspired Dracula, the most famous vampire in history. Here are 11 interesting facts about Vlad the Impaler.

1. The surname of the governor Tepes is “Dracul”, which means “dragon” in Romanian.

Father II. Vlad belonged to a mysterious formation known as the “Dragon Brotherhood” or “Dragon Sect”. Therefore II. Vlad was known by the surname Dracul, which means dragon in Romanian. In short, the name Dracul, III. Vlad inherited from this mysterious cult.

2. He was born in Wallachia, modern Romania.

III. Vlad was born in Wallachia, one of the three regions that make up Romania, along with Transylvania and Moldova. The region, sandwiched between the Ottoman Empire and Europe, was the epicenter of bloody wars during the reign of Vlad Tepes.

3. He spent his childhood years as a hostage in the Ottoman Empire.

Wallachian ruler II. Vlad was defeated and captured by the Ottoman Empire in 1442. On this development II. Vlad and his 7-year-old brother Radu also became prisoners of the empire. Two brothers lived within the Ottoman Empire for 5 years. Some historians, He claims that Vlad’s “Ottoman hatred” remained from this period of captivity.

4. His family was killed by powerful families in Wallachia.

Thus III. Vlad rose to the position of the most important heir to Wallachian rule. However, he had many rivals who wanted to share his power.

5 He Killed Potential Opponents During A Banquet

He invited numerous members of rival families to the banquet. He then killed almost all of his potential rivals at the banquet table.

During his reign, he scored important victories against the Ottoman Empire.


When he ascended the Wallachian throne in 1462, his country was at war with the Ottomans. Moreover, the Ottomans were in many respects in a much stronger position than Wallachia. However III. Vlad was able to defeat large armies through alternative methods of warfare. He poisoned the water of the enemy soldiers’ wells and burned the enemy’s crops. He also paid sick people to infiltrate the Ottoman army and infect the soldiers.

7 He Got His Nickname From His Favorite Method Of Torture


III. Vlad’s torture was extremely horrendous, but varied. Skinning, disembowelling, beheading or throwing the living into boiling water were some of the rulers’ favorite tortures. But there was one form of torture he loved more than any other form of torture: impaling his enemies.

It was said that he created a “forest” from these heaps and ate here with pleasure. This favorite torture of Vlad caused him to be called the “Voivode Tepes”, and his fame, which he raised with his bloody and terrible deeds, spread throughout Europe.

8. Ordered the massacre of 20,000 Ottoman soldiers.


In June 1462, he won an important victory over the Ottoman army. Leaving the war zone, he ordered to “hit” 20,000 defeated Ottoman soldiers in the city of Targovishte.

9. Killed by the Ottomans in 1476


According to some historians, his head, separated from his body, was brought to Istanbul by the sultan of that period, Fatih Sultan Mehmed. His corpse was dismembered.

10. Considered a national hero in Romania.


Yes, Commander Tepes was one of the most cruel rulers in history. However, he is shown as one of the most important rulers in the history of Wallachia. He is noted among the national heroes of Romania due to the victories he won against the Ottoman Empire during his reign.

11. He inspired Dracula, the most famous vampire in history.


Many today think that the “bloodthirstiness” of the character Dracula, invented by the Irish writer Bram Stoker, is a character trait of Vlad Tepes.

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