Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty can really test your patience, and for the uninitiated, the first few hours of the game can be easily frustrating. Fortunately, there are many little things you learn along the way that ultimately make your journey easier. If this is your first time playing a Soulslike game like Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, it’s easy to overlook all the little things that make your job easier or harder. You might be wondering what you’re getting into, especially when the first boss you meet is so intimidating.

In this list, we have compiled 10 tips that will make your adventure in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty much easier and improve your experience👇

Visit training sites

Once you start the story and find your first Battle Flag, you can use the travel option to unlock the world map. On this map is an area called “Educational Zones”.

Visiting this area will give you a brief but useful summary of how adventures work in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. From wizard spells to using your divine beast and blocking techniques that are important to defeating the first boss, the tutorials prepare you for the rest of the game. Even if many of these fighting techniques are not available in the first mission, you will be well equipped for the challenges ahead.

Focus on collecting qi

Ideally, collecting Qi should be your priority from the moment you step into the main story. To increase your character’s strength is to make the most of your time; Especially in the first mission. The enemies you face will challenge you, but defeating them will grant you Qi.

You can obtain Qi by defeating enemies. There is a very effective tactic for gaining Qi. Grow your Qi when you find an area with a battle flag and easy enemies. Run between the flags, defeating enemies along the way. Every time you collect a pile of Qi, head to the flag and rest to respawn the enemies. Then start from where you cultivated your Qi.

Check your spirits

Morale is one of those items that might go unnoticed if you skip the tutorial. The higher your morale, the less damage you take from enemies. Also, a large number of battle items are available to you.

Morale can be collected in the same way as Qi, but you must try to avoid taking damage from the enemy. When an enemy takes damage from you, your morale drops. Being defeated by big enemies also lowers your morale greatly.

The maximum level your spirits can reach is 25. This is more than enough to fight anyone who dares to stand in your way.

In addition, your enemies have morale, and knowing their level will help you prepare for battle. This is most useful for larger monsters, but you can do it with smaller enemies as well.

To track enemy morale, look over their heads as you approach them. Here you will see one of the three colours. The meaning of these three colors is as follows:

  • Red: Their morale level is much higher than yours.
  • Yellow: Their spirits are higher than yours, but not by much.
  • Green: Their spirits are equal or lower than yours.

Enemies in the red or yellow category can be more difficult to defeat, but they give much better rewards. However, if you want to quickly gain Morale or Qi; For now, sticking to the green would be the best tactic.

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Look at battles tactically

Getting into a fight with your gun drawn and aimlessly swinging will eventually lead to death. Dodge (Dodge) the offensive moves of the enemies and counter (counter) are the most important things to do in order to win the war. You can also block attacks, but we recommend doing this only for small enemies.

You can avoid most of the enemies’ attack moves, but this will drain your soul level. So use it wisely. Dodging the attacks of one of the smaller enemies should open a small window for you to take them down before they even notice you. For larger, medium-difficulty enemies, avoiding difficulty is nice, but fighting back is the best thing you can do. Normal attacks can be countered, but they are weak attacks that you have to watch out for.

Before executing one of these attacks, your enemy will glow red for a short time. If you block this attack at the right time, you will launch a powerful counterattack that will deal huge damage to your enemy.

Pay attention to your spirit level

Various actions can deplete your spirit level. If your soul level drops too low, you will be extremely exhausted and weak for a short while. If you get into boss fights with low level spirits, you can die easily. This is why it is essential to keep track of your level.

The soul level appears in the small bar below the health value in the middle of the screen.

All of the following actions consume different levels of soul, so keep an eye on your level after doing each:

  • magician’s spells;
  • Avoid attacks (dodge)
  • Deflect the attack
  • Confrontation
  • Spiritual attacks
  • fatal blows
  • martial arts

However, there are also many ways to raise your spirit level:

  • Wizard spells
  • normal attacks
  • deflection (by itself)
  • It renews automatically over time

Since many actions cross between granting souls and consuming souls, the best thing to do is to constantly watch the cursor in the middle of the screen.

Do stealth attacks

Wherever you can, use stealth attacks where you can take down a basic enemy in one hit. This can help you avoid getting into a conflict that could hurt your morale. It’s also a quick way to take down enemies to collect Qi.

The easiest way to successfully implement a sneak attack is to attack the conflict from a superior position. Walk slowly to the edge of the raised area to attack your target from above.

As long as they don’t notice you, close the distance and wait for the best time to perform the halo. In stealth attacks, you may need to walk slowly behind the enemy to remain undetected.

Create wizard spells

In the middle of the first area, you can access your wizard spells and learn new ones by resting on the battle flag. These will cause you to lose points, but you will accumulate them as you level up your character.

You can only carry four spells at a time, so if one combo isn’t working for you in a fight, go back to the battle flag and try swapping some out to see if it makes a difference. There are a lot of magic spells to collect and finding your perfect set will take some experimentation.

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Check your equipment and weapon weight

As you mow down your enemies from one area to the next, you’ll come across new equipment and weapons to collect. We recommend buying as much as you can at the beginning because you can sell as many as you want later.

Each device has unique stats that you can check to ensure you are building your character to be strong in the areas you need. However, some items also have a “specific bonus” that gives you an additional advantage when you equip the full set of that item.

Also, your equipment and weapons protect you, but they can also hinder you. Different items have different weights, and the heavier the item, the more it can slow you down in battle. If you want to equip or use a heavier item, you’ll need to consider changing your combat strategy to match the pieces you already have. You can check the weight of an item by selecting it from the equipment list.

Summon your sacred beast

When you reach a certain point early in the story of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you can unlock a powerful move that will instantly change the course of any battle. Divine Beast is an action worth waiting for, but don’t forget to use it.

In the midst of fast-paced battles where you fight to survive, revive your ally, and withstand numerous attacks, it can be completely normal to forget about some of the tools at your disposal. If you need some time to recover your health, or if you just need to get away from a safe distance, you can summon your sacred beast after you load its mark. Your Sacred Beast Gauge can be seen in the diamond formation on the right side of your screen.

Listen to your allies

The allies you meet throughout the story and join you in battle sometimes have a lot to say, but they’re worth listening to.

Often, an ally will offer you a suggestion or advice on how to overcome a certain obstacle, even if they don’t seem to be talking about anything. Also, if you reach an enemy or area that you’re not strong enough to fight against, your ally can make a small comment to let you know.

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