on the island of the Sons of the Forest; You will challenge harsh conditions, go deep into dark caves and fight stubborn enemies. There is nothing wrong with checking some survival tips. Here are our 10 tips to help you deal with the challenges you will face in Sons of Forest👇

#10 Don’t babysit Kelvin

Kelvin is one of the soldiers who were with you when the helicopter crashed. Due to an injury that pierced his eardrums, the only way to communicate with him is through written notes. You might think that it would be great to have a companion at the beginning of the story, but that’s not really the case.

Unfortunately, Kelvin is one of the most useless NPC companions in the survival game. He can neither carry a weapon nor react in combat. At best, he can carry some things for you, but you can probably do it yourself. Even worse, he tends to get distracted by hostile mobs and you often have no choice but to keep an eye on him.

This is why one of the most helpful survival tips when playing Sons of the Forest is to leave Kelvin next to a tent or shelter. You can let him do what will help you, but still do not take him on tasks that require long walks.

#9 Try to understand basic needs and the weather

sons of the forest

Your survival in Sons of the Forest depends on several factors. Some of the most important factors are:

  • Water: Water is a very important criterion as it is a survival game. You can look directly at fresh water sources (rivers or ponds) to drink water when you don’t have anything at hand.
  • Hunger: Fruits in the game can be eaten as is. You can also hunt animals such as rabbits, squirrels and deer. But you need to cook it quickly so that the meat does not deteriorate. Another option is canned food. Canned food, perhaps, will be the best solution to satisfy hunger.
  • Temperature and Weather: As your character suffers from cold and dampness, the game’s stamina meter may fill up. At first, the best thing you can do is stick sticks in the ground and start a simple fire with a lighter. Later, you can also make a torch by combining a stick and a piece of cloth.

#8 Rest and save the game

sons of the forest

You can only save your game through tents or blankets in your Sons of the Forest adventures. You can find several tents along the river along the hilly path that leads up into the mountains. Also note the tarp.

You can make your own makeshift tent by laying a tarp on the ground and holding a stick. This method is very useful for needs such as a method of relaxation during a long journey or recording a game. You also need a heat source to keep your stamina in good shape. There is a base camp near the helicopter crash site. Here are tents where you can relax and record the game.

#7 Look for points on your GPS device

sons of the forest

Your GPS navigator will show you several important places on the island. You can access the GPS device by pressing the “M” key.

  • Helicopter Crash Site: Think of this as a fixed point. This way you always remember where you are based on your location.
  • Caves: Several caves are already marked for you on the map.
  • GPS signals: Purple marks indicate GPS trackers. As you get closer, you will hear a loud beep.
  • Other attractions. Other signs often have green markers indicating caves or other points you can check out. This is part of the main plot.

#6 Follow the rivers

sons of the forest

There are some great things to do on Sons of the Forest.

In addition to the crash site and caves, there is a mountain range in the middle and numerous rivers that meander overland all the way to the shore. It is recommended to follow rivers upstream or downstream as they offer an easier way to navigate by looking around. Rivers will easily take you where you need to go. Pay attention to the different icons on the map as they indicate certain points of interest.

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#5 Inventory Management

sons of the forest

Sons of the Forest doesn’t have the traditional set of items, like pressing the number keys to switch weapons. Instead, you will have to open the inventory mat by pressing the “I” key.

Once the backpack is in the center of the screen, you can add or remove items. This is basically your dashboard. To access it, you need to hold down the “I” key. So you can choose the item you want to use and buy.

There are a few important keyboard shortcuts to remember:

  • M – Brings up a GPS device or world map.
  • G – Hides an item or weapon that you have.
  • L – subtracts the light source.
  • B – Guide outfit (we’ll explain below).

#4 Craft and building

sons of the forest

Survival in Sons of the Forest depends on two key mechanics. This is production and construction. The essence of production and construction in brief is as follows:

  • Production is carried out through the inventory mat. Right click on an item here and check the gear icon to see the various recipes. You can right click other materials and then the gear icon to combine your resources into something else.
  • As for building, you will access the Manual by pressing the “B” key. There are two different methods when it comes to building structures:
    • For tents, fires, ladders, boards and similar structures, follow the instructions on the drawing. For example, put a certain item and combine it with another item.
    • For other items and decorations, you need to hold down the “X” key to switch to another mode. Then click on the object to create an outline. From there you will add materials until it is fully built.

#3 Find a flashlight as a light source

In the game you will find several dark caves. By default, you only have the UV lighter when you press the “L” key. This tool actually creates a purple light which doesn’t help much. Therefore, the best thing you can do is pick up a flashlight located in the purple marked area closest to the helicopter crash site.

When you get to the marked spot, you will hear distress sounds and notice a rope tied to a rock. If you cut it, a corpse will fall from the cliff. You can get a GPS tracker and flashlight from a corpse. The light of a flashlight is brighter than a lighter. But you will need batteries to reuse.

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#2 Don’t harm the mutant woman

Earlier in the story, you can meet a woman in a white swimsuit. The strange thing is that a woman has three arms and three legs. If you try to get close to him, he will run away. This behavior may lead you to decide to pursue him with a spear or pistol.

This mutant woman is Virginia. Don’t try to hurt or kill him. If you do everything right, he will eventually become your friend. He can also use weapons and destroy enemies compared to Kelvin.

#1 Not all death is the end

After all, your Sons of the Forest character may die due to harsh environments, consistent bad luck, or just plain bad luck. You don’t have to worry when you die because your first death will not be your last. Instead, your character will wake up tied to a post to be eaten by cannibals. Find your knife and grab it by holding the “E” key. Once you’ve unpacked, take your backpack and try to escape the camp.

To be honest, this is a rather difficult situation. You have to put your safety ahead of aggressive fights. The death of your character will take you directly to the game over screen. If your character survives the camp and dies again within the next two days, the game is completely over. It is also possible to refer to your last entry and rewind the story.

However, if you survive the cannibal camp and survive the next few days, the death counter will reset. This means that you will be trapped in the cannibal camp again and must collect your belongings before escaping.

Finally, you can get a Steam link to Sons of the Forest, which is priced at 280 TL, from here.

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