Llamas have recently become the favorite pets of many people. Thanks to this intense love, their popularity gradually grew. So much so that llamas have become an important figure in popular culture.

Of course, it is not surprising that these incredibly cute creatures have become the favorite pets of millions of people. However, some features of llamas are actually quite surprising. Because spitting by the meter is not the only skill of these cute creatures! Here are 10 surprising facts about llamas you probably haven’t heard of before…

1. Llamas and camels come from the same family

Llamas, like camels, belong to the camelid family.

2. They landed in the United States much earlier than humans

Hemiauchenia, believed to be the common ancestor of all modern llamas and other llama-like species, roamed the southern United States for thousands of years.

3. Llamas first appeared in South America

More precisely in the Andes region, where the Inca civilization reigned.

4. Little known, but llamas are pets

Although llamas are now seen as living in the wild, it is very wrong to suggest that they are wild animals. Because people living around the Andes many years ago managed to tame llamas, one of the native creatures of this region! The main reason for the domestication of llamas was that the locals wanted to use them as beasts of burden!

5. They can spit more than 4.5 meters

Spitting is one of the most recognizable characteristics of llamas. It is quite natural that they are famous in this area for their “spitting range” of more than 4.5 meters. However, spitting is a clear sign that the llamas are angry about something.

However, angry llamas are known to be the first to stick out their tongues and start spitting if they feel they haven’t been able to express their message clearly enough. Finally, as the llamas’ level of anger increases, so does the density of undigested gastric juice in their saliva!

6. They mumble among themselves

These cute creatures are extremely sociable animals. That’s why spitting isn’t the only way they communicate! They communicate with each other (when not angry) by mumbling.

7. Llamas are much friendlier than you think

So much so that llama characters are closer to dogs than some of their camelid cousins!

8. Llamas have a highly variable hierarchical structure


Because the males in a herd of llamas have a constant desire to raise their social status. For this reason, frequent fights in herds of llamas are the order of the day. Llamas’ most trusted weapon in combat is their saliva.

9. Llamas are bred in some parts of the United States to guard flocks.


Throughout history, llamas have helped humans in more than one way. In modern times, the number of these areas has increased even more. In the 1980s, pet owners in the United States discovered that llamas make exceptionally good guard dogs. Because the llamas showed great devotion to the herd they guarded and fought for their protection…

But there was something else interesting that caught the attention of pet owners. They performed their guard duties when there was only one llama in each herd. Because when there was more than one llama at the head of the herd, the llamas were not loyal to the herd, but to each other, they didn’t care about the herd! Llamas are now bred to guard flocks, especially in the wild western regions of the United States.

10. Today they are used as therapy animals


Some nursing homes and schools, especially in the US, receive help from specially trained llamas trained for therapy.

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