Each country has its own unique dishes that contain traces of their own history and culture. Moreover, dining tables are considered an important element of daily life, bringing people together in almost every country. However, there are a few important rules to pay attention to at any dinner table, and they change depending on where in the world you are. For example, in some countries it is considered indecent to use your hands while eating. In some countries, you must get the approval of the elders before you start eating! Here are 10 interesting table rules from around the world.

1. In some countries in Africa and the Middle East, eating with the left hand is not welcome.

In many parts of the world, it doesn’t matter which hand you eat with. But if you eat with your right hand in India and some African and Middle Eastern countries, you’re fine! Because in these countries eating with the left hand is generally not welcome.

2. In South Korea, you can’t start eating before the elderly

More precisely, it is considered rude to start eating before the oldest person sitting at the table. However, South Korea is a country that draws attention with many interesting rules at the table. For example, you should take with both hands a plate offered to you on the street or at the invitation of the house. This unusual table rule is seen in South Korea as an expression of respect and gratitude.

3. Cups are half full in Kazakhstan

Tea is one of the most important elements of Kazakh cuisine. For this reason, tea drinking in Kazakhstan is associated with many rituals and rules. For example, in Kazakhstan, the cups of guests who are invited to the house are often half full.

Of course, there are times when the cups are completely filled. But full cups mean that in Kazakhstan the host wants the guests to leave.

4. In Spain, it is not customary to eat for a long time.

For some people, sitting at the dinner table with loved ones for long hours is an incomparable pleasure. However, in Spain the situation is somewhat different. Especially when it comes to eating out. In Spain, however, there is another rather interesting rule that may offend many: throw garbage on the floor!

Many restaurants in Spain take great pleasure when customers throw garbage on the floor! Because, according to the Spaniards, the amount of garbage on the floor increases in direct proportion to the popularity and quality of the restaurant.

5. In China, “do not finish all the food on your plate” is an extremely important rule.

The Chinese see the last few bites left on the plate as a way to honor and thank the host. Because the last bite on the plate shows that the person being served is full and the host offers his guest enough food.

6. In Germany it is indecent to cut potatoes with a knife!

table rule

Because the Germans think that when you want to cut a potato with a knife, you mean that the potato is not cooked enough. So if you’re in Germany, and especially if you’re eating potatoes at a touchy friend’s house, just use a fork!

7. Adding salt to food in Egypt is a sign of “morality”!

table rule

Egypt, like the other countries on our list, is a region with some pretty interesting table rules. At the same time, the rules at the table in the country are extremely important for all Egyptians. Adding salt to food is an insult to Egyptian chefs! people in Egypt; He thinks that the person who prepares the food prepares it exactly the way it should be.

This is why adding salt to food is an unpleasant and offensive act towards the one who prepares it. In some cases, asking for condiments like salt and pepper can be a sign that you are a bad person!

8. In a Thai restaurant, you can’t decide what to eat.

table rule

Thai cuisine is very popular in many countries around the world. Luckily, some table rules in Thailand are not as common as Thai food! A very important rule at the table for Thais is not to let you order the food you want! Because deciding what to eat at the crowded dining tables in Thailand is the job of the oldest woman at the table.

9. In Australia, it is forbidden to talk about business at the dinner table!

table rule

Australia is not a country where food is limited by strict rules. However, many Australians pay attention to not talking business at the dinner table. Of course, this interesting table rule can be violated at business lunches or dinners where colleagues gather.

10. It doesn’t matter if you’re late for dinner in Tanzania

table rule

Being late for dinner in many countries of the world will leave an unpleasant impression on the interlocutor. But it doesn’t matter when you arrive for dinner in Tanzania or if you are late. On the contrary, “late for dinner” in Tanzania is a common thing!

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