II. World War II was one of the most devastating and tragic events in human history. Millions of soldiers and civilians died as a result of the war. Life has changed forever because of this terrible war. The most destructive element of the war, one of the greatest catastrophes that mankind has ever seen, was undoubtedly the Nazis and their terrible ideologies. The Nazis, who caused great suffering to the whole world, were the main element of the bloody war that changed the history of mankind with its boundless evil. Yes, the evil of the Nazis knew no bounds. However, it must be admitted that their imagination was also quite wide. Especially when it comes to weapons. II. During World War II, the Nazis invented a formidable weapon that no one had dreamed of before. Some of them were responsible for the deaths of thousands of people on the fronts, while some types of weapons were used to reduce huge settlements to ruins. Others, fortunately, never fell into the hands of the Nazis. Here are 10 incredible weapons made or planned by the Nazis, from the Sun Gun to the American bomber.

1. Thor

This siege howitzer, officially named “Karl-Herat”, was known among the Nazis as “Thor”. Because the name suited the killing machine, which occupied a privileged place among the incredible Nazi weapons!

This gigantic weapon was almost the size of a blue whale. Each bullet fired from the gun was the size of an average rhinoceros! In 1941, the Nazis were armed with 6 Thor guns. The best example of how “broad minded” the Nazis can be when it comes to destruction is that these weapons were destroyed by the Soviet and American armies that invaded Germany in 1945.

2. Crooked rifle

Nazis II. During World War II, he made great efforts to develop military technology. Among the Nazis’ goals were the extraordinary, such as the use of weapons on the battlefield that no one had dreamed of before, as well as reasonable considerations, such as taking the battlefield one step further with the addition of new capabilities to standard weapons. Curved rifles were one of the weapons produced according to these “reasonable purposes” of the Nazis.

Rifles with curved barrels, unlike the weapons we are used to today, were created so that Nazi soldiers could shoot from behind trenches or walls. However, the curved design of the rifles caused the barrels to fall apart after a few hundred shots. For this reason, this Nazi weapon, which has a very interesting appearance, was used on the battlefield for a very short time.

3. Jumping bomb

II. The Nazis, who wanted to win World War II at all costs, had to dominate their opponents in the air, on land and at sea for this purpose. For this reason, they worked hard to develop weapons technology. As a result of these strenuous efforts, useful and interesting Nazi weapons were produced, or at least planned to be produced. The bouncing bomb was one such interesting weapon.

In 1943, some dams in Nazi Germany were destroyed by British troops. In these attacks, an extremely interesting bomb was used, which the Nazis had not encountered before. The Nazis, on the other hand, were able to figure out what the mysterious type of bomb was because of a bomb that fell on their territory and didn’t explode: the bouncing bomb.

Despite its gigantic size, the jumping bomb could reach targets on the water thanks to the engine inside, although it weighed more than 9 thousand kilograms, it could jump on the water, so it could not be destroyed by underwater mines and could reach its target. Although the Nazis began work on creating their own version of this interesting weapon, they never managed to develop an effective prototype. For this reason, the Nazi bouncing bomb project was canceled shortly after it began.

4. Solar gun

Nazi weapons

The Nazis invested in many new weapons technologies, large and small, throughout the war. Some succeeded, some didn’t. Some were very interesting, others were really scary. But among the incredible Nazi weapons at their peak was a mind-blowing weapon called the Sun Gun.

During the war, Nazi scientists undertook an unimaginable gamble to weaponize the Sun. Their goals were huge. Sending a huge reflector into space, concentrating the sun’s rays in a single center and focusing all the thermal and light energy of the Sun into a single enemy area to destroy the enemy area! Fortunately, the Nazi scientists did not have enough time to arm the Sun. With the end of the war, some of the captured Nazi scientists admitted that it took them 50 to 100 years to bring this crazy project to life.

5 Manned Bombs

As you understand, for many top Nazis, especially for Adolf Hitler, achieving the goal was more important than any human life. For this reason, Nazi soldiers were doomed to use a weapon just as terrible for themselves as for enemy soldiers: piloted bombs!

This interesting weapon looked like a small airplane, but in fact it was nothing more than a deadly bomb. The advantage of the weapon was that it was directed by a direct person. In other words, there was a soldier in this weapon, and the bomb was flying towards the target. Of course, when he reached his destination, he himself was torn apart by a bomb. However, some of Hitler’s advisers convinced him that these “suicide weapons” were not part of the German military tradition, and manned bombs were removed from the inventory of the Nazi army.

6. Gustav the Great

Nazi weapons

For some top Nazi officials, simply being lethal to a weapon was not enough. For them, Nazi weapons were supposed to be deadly, intimidating, large and majestic. The pistol, nicknamed the great Gustav, was produced because of this passion for show among the Nazis.

This giant railgun, specially designed to destroy targets on the French line of defense, could destroy targets even kilometers away with its bullets, each of which weighed 7 tons. At least 250 officers had to work on the gun at the same time, even just to assemble it. The Great Gustav was one of the largest, heaviest and most spectacular guns ever made.

7. Busy Lizzy

Nazi weapons

Originally called the V-3, this cannon was nicknamed the Busy Lizzie by Nazi soldiers. Because he was “busy” firing at enemy positions non-stop.

The cannon, produced to destroy some of the bunkers in London, was so large that it had to be built on a hillside before it could be used.

8. American bomber

Nazi weapons

Adolf Hitler is said to have dreamed of “seeing New York on fire”, one of the most important cities in the United States. It is not easy to determine whether this historical information is correct. But there may be some truth in these Nazi weapons, which were specifically designed to bomb the United States, especially New York.

In 1942, the Nazis began work on a Junkers Ju 390 aircraft capable of flying long distances, bombarding New York and returning. Even the name of the weapon was ready: America Bomber. Although the aircraft made a couple of test flights, the project was never completed after the fall of Germany in 1944.

9. Ball tank

Nazi weapons

Some interesting Nazi weapons remain a mystery even today. For what purpose this weapon, called Kugelpanzer (cannon tank), was produced, and how it works, is completely unknown. The only existing tank with a cannon was captured by Soviet soldiers at the end of the war.

10. Pneumatic hammer

Nazi weapons

II. By the end of World War II, Nazi Germany faced many serious problems. But the main priority of them was the incessant airstrikes. Allied troops destroyed German cities. However, the Nazis were determined to break through this air blockade. Here the pneumatic hammer project arose as a product of this stability.

The plan that was supposed to be implemented in the pneumatic hammer project was extremely simple and effective. Specially designed Nazi aircraft glided towards enemy bombers and crashed into the wings or tail of the enemy aircraft. To do this, manufactured aircraft had to use specially designed steel wings and a hammer-shaped nose. But the project was permanently shelved when, in 1945, the Allies bombed a factory built for use in the pneumatic hammer project.

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