With the advent of December, the hype before the New Year and Christmas began all over the world. The spirit of cities almost changes during the Christmas period, which is enthusiastically celebrated all over the world. The spirit of Christmas in Europe continues with all its magic, with traditional touches reflecting the richness of culture, long and tasty tables, great conversations and great concerts. On the other hand, there are cities that are saying goodbye to 2022 quite nicely.

We are taking you to 10 cities that have managed to become the center of attention of local and foreign tourists from all over the world and reflect the spirit of Christmas in the best way! If you like, let’s waste no time exploring the dazzling European cities this time of year, from Amsterdam to London. Which cities reflect the spirit of Christmas? Let’s take a look at how Christmas is celebrated in delightful European cities this time of year.

1. Amsterdam

Amsterdam tops our list of cities that reflect the spirit of Christmas. Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands and the country’s most populous city, is undoubtedly one of the European cities that best captures the spirit of Christmas. A pleasant city to visit with its aesthetic architecture, vibrant entertainment life, deep-rooted history, cultural and natural attractions, Amsterdam has its most colorful days, especially around Christmas time.

At this time alone, about 30 Christmas markets are organized throughout the city. In these markets, you can taste delicious Dutch cheeses, chocolates, spicy and fruity mulled wines, Christmas cinnamon cookies and various Dutch flavors. Recall that the most spectacular of these markets was arranged on Dam Square, the most famous square in the city.

2. Cologne

Attention is drawn to the Christmas markets organized around the world in the brightest and most dazzling time of the year. On the other hand, Cologne is one of the cities that best live in the spirit of Christmas. Although Berlin is the first thing that comes to mind when Germany is mentioned, Cologne is known as the city where the most beautiful Christmas markets take place.

A magnificent Christmas market is held every year at the Christmas market, which is arranged around the Cologne Cathedral, one of the largest cathedrals in the world, which is in the cultural heritage of UNESCO. Recall that these markets are installed in 60 different places in the city center. However, the Lucia Christmas Market is the largest of these markets. You can sample delicious German flavors and shop for souvenirs at the Christmas markets in Cologne.

3. Prague

Cities that reflect the spirit of Christmas

The Old Town Square in Prague, one of the most impressive squares in the world, hosts a magnificent Christmas market on Christmas Eve. I think it will not be an exaggeration to say that the smell of cinnamon and wine, which covers the entire area of ​​the city, attracts tourists here. On the other hand, the painted and illuminated huge pine tree in front of the Tyn Cathedral heralds the beginning of Christmas to all of Prague.

Again, souvenirs can be found in the wooden huts that line the cathedral, where you can buy crystals, dolls, and wooden toys. On the other hand, Prague has one of the most beautiful Christmas markets where you can taste delicious wines. If you happen to visit the fair, we recommend trying cherry brandy, rum tea and grilled sausages.

4. Basel

Cities that reflect the spirit of Christmas

Undoubtedly, Basel is another European city that best lives and keeps the Christmas spirit alive. Basel, located in Switzerland, is one of the places where Christmas is celebrated this time of year! The Christmas market at Barfüsserplatz turns the city into a pleasant carnival. At the December stands you can taste the most beautiful chocolates, cakes, local dishes and drinks in Switzerland.

You can also fall in love with the wonderful concerts that take place under the giant pine trees that are set up in the square. In addition to Basel, it brings a completely different inspiration to the Christmas spirit in Zurich. If you happen to be in Basel, we recommend that you stop by the Zurich Christmas markets and visit the square, decorated with huge pine trees.

5. Budapest

Cities that reflect the spirit of Christmas

Budapest, which is one of the cities with the coldest weather at Christmas but the most delicious mulled wine, has an impressive Christmas spirit. Time spent in the city, especially at this time of year, can warm your heart. Founded on both sides of the Danube, this city greets its visitors with Chigan music at Christmas.

At the main Christmas market on Vörösmarty Square, you can taste Hungarian delicacies while enjoying the music. Budapest should definitely be on your list of Christmas cities with its cuisine that includes delicious flavors like Langos, Kurtös, Kalacs and Palinka. Finally, we would like to say that the huge ice skating rink installed on the square takes the Christmas spirit to a new level.

6. Brussels

We agree that Belgium is one of the countries with the most joyful Christmas. Of course, the city where this enthusiasm is strongest is the capital city of Brussels, known as the “Winter Wonders” and home to magnificent Christmas markets. Brussels is a city where you can experience the joy of Christmas in full swing in the markets located on the Bourse, Place Monnet, Place Sainte-Catherine and Marche-aux-Poissons, especially the Grand Place, which is under the protection of UNESCO. It is included in the list of cultural heritage sites and has been repeatedly recognized as the most beautiful square in the world.

The Christmas markets also feature skating rinks, carousels and impressive ice sculptures. The famous Belgian Christmas cake Bouche de Noel, Cougnolles, Chocroutte, Sobey, Roscón de Reyes are also available at these fairs. On the other hand, huts and tents, where you can taste the most delicious of the city’s famous beers, mulled wine, the famous Belgian chocolate, waffles and french fries, are waiting for their enthusiasts this year as well.

7. Strasbourg

Cities that reflect the spirit of Christmas

France, the world’s largest tourist destination with millions of visitors every year, dazzles at Christmas. Strasbourg, which bears traces of Germany, hosts the largest Christmas market and is a neighbor on the border, may be the first city that comes to mind when you think of Christmas in France! The city is dazzling from start to finish, with souvenirs, food, drink, and entertainment, huge Christmas trees, fun-filled amusement parks, and ornate medieval houses in 11 boroughs.

Colmar, located 73 km from the city, is one of the places that turns the celebration of Christmas into a fairy tale. The city, where you will feel like a prince or princess, walking along its streets, has a fabulous atmosphere. Strasbourg, home to markets that carry the spirit of Christmas, offers a most mesmerizing state at this time of the year. At the Christmas markets open in the city, you can find stalls with mulled wine, Christmas cookies, cakes, traditional dishes and all kinds of souvenirs.

8. Vienna

Cities that reflect the spirit of Christmas

Vienna ranks 8th on our list of cities that capture the spirit of Christmas. Undoubtedly, Austria is one of the countries brightly living in the spirit of Christmas. The most famous of the dozens of Christmas markets, especially in the capital Vienna, is hosted by the Vienna City Hall (Rathous). It can be said that this square, which is visited by more than 1 million people every year during the Christmas period, turns into a visual feast. So what about these markets? Most of the souvenirs can be found in these markets, which display miniature wooden toys, dolls, gingerbread, woolen hats and mulled wine. You can have a good time on the 3,000 m2 ice skating rink, installed next to the market.

9. Stockholm

Cities that reflect the spirit of Christmas

Traditionally celebrated in the same place since 1903, the Stockholm Christmas Market is located on Stortorget Square, in the heart of the city’s most famous district, Gamla Stan. During Christmas, this square serves Sweden’s best venison biscuits, elk sausages and mulled wine called Gloggun. Being a very sensitive society in many areas, the Swedes add value to the Christmas spirit by donating income from products earned during the Christmas period to charity.

10. London

Cities that reflect the spirit of Christmas

We make a glorious finale on our list of cities that capture the spirit of Christmas with London. Speaking of the cities that make Christmas the best in Europe, it’s impossible not to mention London! London is a city that has been celebrating this special time of the year for centuries. The population of the city, where millions of people live, exceeds 12 million people during the Christmas period. At the same time, huge Christmas markets are held throughout the city. Among these Christmas markets, the most striking are those held in Covent Garden and Hyde Park. We guarantee you will have hours of fun at Winter Wonderland, especially Hyde Park.

The ice rink installed in the area is known as the largest outdoor skating rink in England. On the other hand, you can enjoy delicious food at the markets with over 200 food and drink stalls. Covert Garden, a special place for Londoners, is also decorated for Christmas and transformed into a great atmosphere. In the city, magnificent Christmas markets are held on Trafalgar Square, the banks of the Thames, the Big Ben Clock Tower, Cannon Street and Oxford Street.

One of the most traditional Christmas activities in Victorian England was ghost storytelling. So how did it become a tradition to tell ghost stories at Christmas? Details are waiting for you here!

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