Wildlife is home to dozens of amazing creatures. Sometimes mysterious, sometimes terrifying, and sometimes unthinkable creatures of nature continue to amaze and impress people for a long time. Unfortunately, however, some of these creatures are facing increasing difficulties. Some living species leave the regions in which they live due to the destruction of their natural habitat and try to adapt to a new life. Some species fight for survival and hide from ruthless predators. Others are trying to recover from the devastating effects of the climate crisis. However, some animals, unfortunately, fail to succeed in the struggle for survival with various factors. That’s why more and more species are being added to the “endangered animals” list.

Although various aid organizations are conducting various studies to make sure that these endangered creatures can continue to live, the human impact, which is becoming more and more destructive, is turning the danger of extinction into an increasingly serious problem day by day. Here are 10 endangered creatures, from the Sumatran tiger to the African forest elephant.

1. Far leopard

One of the creatures on the list of endangered animals is the Far Eastern leopard. Unfortunately, only 120 representatives of this species remain, living in the eastern regions of Russia. For this reason, Amur leopards are among the “rare cats in the world.” The main reason why these creatures are on the list of endangered animals is poaching and deforestation.

2 Black Rhino

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Unfortunately, black rhinos are not the only species of rhinos that are endangered. Like black rhinos, Sumatran and Javan rhinos are endangered. However, it can be said that black rhinos are one step ahead of other species in their struggle for survival. As a result of research conducted by the International Rhino Federation, the black rhino population has increased by 12 percent since 2015. However, the danger to these creatures living in the southern and eastern regions of Africa has not yet disappeared.

3. Borneo orangutan

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The island of Borneo, located near Indonesia and Malaysia, is the natural and only habitat of the Borneo orangutans. Borneo orangutans are one of the many endangered orangutan species. It is known to be one of the largest tree-dwelling primate species. Over the past 60 years, the Borneo orangutan population has declined by 50 percent. The main reason for this drastic population decline is illegal hunting activities.

4 African Forest Elephant

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These creatures, found in the forested regions of West Africa, are the smallest of all living species of elephants. It is also one of two types of elephants in Africa. However, they are endangered due to deforestation and illegal hunting. It is not known how many African forest elephants have survived today. But their population is estimated to have declined by more than 60 percent since 2002.

5. Sumatran tiger

The Sumatran tiger, found on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, is the last tiger species to survive on the island. But this species is also on the verge of extinction. Because the forest areas that the Sumatran tiger needs are quickly turning into agricultural land. For this reason, living beings experience great difficulty in obtaining the nutrients they need. In addition, Sumatran tigers are known to be illegally hunted for shipment to different parts of the world, and this has a very negative impact on the lives of creatures.

6. Chinese pangolin

The Chinese pangolin is one of the four pangolin species native to Asia. These mysterious creatures, like the other creatures on our list, are fighting for survival. Humans are the biggest enemy of Chinese pangolins. Intensive consumption of pangolin meat in China leads to a gradual reduction in the number of living creatures. On the other hand, pangolin scales are an extremely important and widely used ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine. For this reason, pangolins are the main target of many hunters, especially in China.

7 California Vulture

The California vulture, the largest land bird in North America, is clinging to life! Because in 1987 this species was declared extinct! However, there are 336 California vultures living in the wild today.

After the California vulture was declared extinct, a small group of 27 birds was captured. This small group was then included in a special breeding and conservation program. This led to a significant increase in the population of the species. But California vultures are still fighting for survival.

8. Blue Flycatcher

The blue flycatcher was once one of the dominant bird species on the Indonesian islands of Java and Panaitan. However, today it is almost impossible to meet the blue flycatcher in nature. Experts estimate a more than 90 percent decline in the species’ population. Hunters are behind the removal of the species from the wild. The blue flycatcher is kept in captivity as a “caged bird” in many regions, especially in Asia.

The peacock tarantula is an impressive creature with its eye-catching colors. However, you must be very, very lucky to see this creature up close. Because the habitat of this creature living in the deciduous forests of India has been largely destroyed. This is why the peacock tarantula is at the top of the list of endangered animals.

10 Yangtze Turtle

The Yangtze tortoise is one of the largest freshwater tortoises in the world. Unfortunately, only a few living representatives of this species remain. A female Yangtze tortoise living in captivity in China died in 2019, so the species was thought to be extinct. But in late 2020, scientists using DNA analysis discovered that a female Yangtze turtle lives in a lake in Vietnam. In the subsequent period, it turned out that another male Yangtze tortoise lived in the same area.

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