Türkiye is full of impressive historical heritage all over Turkey. So, what do we know about the cave hotels in Cappadocia, where the most unusual hotels in the world are located? Cave hotels, whose fame has spread all over the world and fascinates with its architecture, have spread to almost all regions of Cappadocia. Cave hotel concepts in Urgup, Göreme, Avanos, Ortahisar and Uchisar, attracting attention with their impressive plans, host thousands of local and foreign travelers every year. We wanted to get to know the cave hotels, where the mystical atmosphere created by stone rooms is combined with greenery. What is a cave hotel? What hotel to stay in Nevsehir? What does cave hotel mean? Where to stay in Fairy Chimneys? What does the cave hotel concept mean? We have collected all the details for you. If you’re ready to explore Cappadocia’s fascinating cave hotels, let’s get started!

What is a cave hotel?

Before exploring the spectacular cave hotels in Cappadocia, one of Turkey’s tourist paradises, we would like to explain the definition of a “cave hotel”. Cave hotels are a hotel style that has developed as a result of the geography of the region and can be seen almost everywhere in Cappadocia. Moreover, these hotels have an unusual mystical design and concept.

Located around Urgup, Avanos, Uchisar and Goreme, cave hotels merge with the aura of the city and offer their guests the atmosphere of a fairy tale. So, how did the appearance of the hotel come about, which is combined with the historical and geographical features of this region? When Erciyes, Hassan and Güllü were active volcanoes in the past, that is, if we go back millions of years, it is known that the first foundations for the formation of Cappadocia were laid by lava erupted by volcanoes.

On the other hand, rain and wind erosion also help the geographic structure of the region to take on its current form. The fairy chimneys that result from this interaction become one of the most important factors in the definition of a cave hotel. If we go back a little, we can say that today’s cave hotels in Cappadocia were used as the first human settlements in the past. At the same time, some states preferred these regions as sanctuaries. It is known that the first Christians lived together with the first people in houses and churches carved into the rocks around Cappadocia. Most of the sites that currently serve as cave hotels are in fact impressive evidence of the first traces of life.

1. Museum Hotel – Uchisar

The museum, which tops our list of cave hotels, offers stylish and comfortable accommodation in the authentic atmosphere of caves and stone houses. This is one of the most colorful accommodation options in Cappadocia and is very popular due to its fascinating geography. Providing services in Uchisar, the institution manages to attract visitors with its unique atmosphere. Guests staying at the Museum Hotel, which at the same time is pet-friendly, can enjoy magnificent views of Cappadocia at sunset. The pool, located in the garden of the Museum Hotel, also offers the opportunity to relax in a fabulous atmosphere.

Address: Tekeli max. Eski, Goreme CD. №1, 50240 Nevsehir

2. Sacred house – Urgup

Distinguished by its atmosphere, Sacred House offers a wonderful holiday experience with a variety of accommodation options. Sacred House, which has an authentic and captivating atmosphere like the city, is located in Urgup. Guests of the Sacred House Hotel can enjoy a relaxing stay in comfortable rooms with cozy fireplaces and antique furniture. Serving the concept of a cave in a stone building in keeping with the local architecture, the establishment’s rooms have everything guests might need. The advantage of the hotel is also its close location to the sights of Cappadocia. In addition, the institution has a nice SPA center.

Address: Dutlucamii, Barbaros Hairettin Sk. No:25, 50400 Urgup/Nevsehir

3. Kaya Evler from Esbelli – Urgup

Number three on our list of cave hotels is a sophisticated accommodation option. Drawing attention with the concept of caves and stone houses dating back to the 3rd century, the hotel offers an atmosphere in which you can feel the spirit of Cappadocia from the kitchen to the courtyard. The complex consists of 10 stone houses and also has a private garden, terrace or courtyard. Modern technological touches accompany the simple and stylish décor, furnished with authentic furniture in the homes. Each house has its own entrance and exit from the street to the premises, the kitchens of which are also fully equipped.

Address: Esbelli, st. Dolay-1, 50400 Urgup/Nevsehir

4. Lunar Cappadocia Hotel – Goreme

cave hotel

Welcoming its guests with the unique atmosphere of Nevsehir, Lunar Cappadocia Hotel welcomes its visitors to cave-style stone houses surrounded by fairy chimneys. The hotel is located very close to the city center with easy access to many museums and natural beauties. Offering standard, superior, deluxe, royal and executive rooms, the rooms have everything you need in residential units with a regional design. Rooms also have a TV, kettle and work desk. All of the property’s rooms are soundproofed and some of the hotel’s rooms have carpeted floors.

Address: Aydinli Mahallesi, Gorcheli Sk. No:12, 50180 Goreme/Nevsehir Merkez/Nevsehir

5. Taskonaklar Hotel – Uchisar

cave hotel

Taşkonaklar Boutique Hotel is located in Uchisar, Cappadocia. It offers cave rooms with modern design in an atmosphere full of nature and history. The institution has 23 rooms with a stylish and modern design. In the rooms; You can access amenities such as a minibar, safe, LCD TV, satellite broadcast and free wireless internet access. The facility, which is an alternative to comfortable living, also has a conference room with modern equipment. The hotel is located 42 km from Nevsehir Cappadocia Airport.

Address: Ashagi, Gedik Sk. No:8, 50280 Uchisar/Nevsehir Center/Nevsehir

6. Kayakapi Premium Caves – Urgup

cave hotel

Kayakapı Premium Caves, the first boutique hotel in Cappadocia, is also an award-winning cave hotel supported by UNESCO and the World Heritage Center. The hotel is located in Urgup, one of the important centers of Cappadocia. At the same time, the area of ​​Kayakapi, one of the first settlements of the region, consisting of hundreds of cave houses and historical buildings; Here are the caves of Kayakapi Premium – Cappadocia. Kayakapi offers its visitors a magical atmosphere with a unique view of Urgup / Cappadocia, where there is a mosque from the Seljuk period, a cave church from the 10th century and the house of St. John. Maintaining the concept of a cave hotel, the hotel is one of the most striking objects in the region.

Address: Kayakapi, Kuscular Street No. 43, 50400 Urgup/Nevsehir

7. Argos in Cappadocia – Uchisar

We have come to number 7 on our list of Cappadocia cave hotels. Now we will tell you about a wonderful hotel. The history of Argos in Cappadocia begins with the fact that the owner of the hotel, who came to Cappadocia as a tourist in 2003 and fell in love with Uchisar, restored the old house. Argos, which has been transformed into a splendid 6-room establishment, continues to captivate its visitors with its magnificent terrace views and unique cave concept. This is a place where everyone who admires the history, extraordinary nature and culture of Cappadocia will like it. For those who want an unforgettable Cappadocia experience, Argos in Cappadocia opens its doors to its guests.

Address: Tekelli, Kayabash Sk. No: 23, 50240 Uchisar/Nevsehir Merkez/Nevsehir

8. Anatolian houses – Goreme

cave hotel

Dazzling with its architecture, Anatolian Houses has an atmosphere where you can feel the history of Cappadocia, based on the deep past, in every corner. Anatolian Houses invites you to a dreamlike atmosphere with a unique view and impeccable understanding of service. The Anatolian houses, which have 33 special rooms, were designed as two sections. The hotel has 8 fabulous chimneys, in the main part of which there are 19 rooms. The concept hotel in the cave, which is connected to the second part of the main part by an underground tunnel, has a very impressive atmosphere. The 15 cave houses in this section have been carefully restored. The Anatolian houses, which hold the title of “Hotel with the most fabulous chimneys” in the Cappadocia region, are one of the conceptual objects that best reflect the spirit of the city.

Address: Cevizler Sk., 50180 Goreme/Nevsehir Merkez/Nevsehir

9. Les Maisons de Cappadoce – Uchisar

As we near the end of our list of cave hotels, there is an exquisite cave hotel nearby. Born 20 years ago by a French architect, Les Maisons de Cappadoce is one of the most impressive cave concept hotels in the region. In addition to the impressive atmosphere of the hotel, the facility is combined with natural architecture and the beautiful scenery of Cappadocia. Les Maisons de Cappadoce, which is in harmony with the vegetation and colors of the region, is a great accommodation option for those who love simple and happy moments with little details.

Address: Tekelli, Sary Usak, Cesme Sk. No:1, 50240 Uchisar/Nevsehir Merkez/Nevsehir

10. Hotel Exedra – Ortahisar

cave hotel

We complete our list of cave hotels in Cappadocia with the Exedra Hotel. Combining historic architecture with a lush ambiance, the facility continues to welcome its loyal customers every year. Exedra, which started with 26 rooms and continued with 84 rooms since 2017, dazzles with its architecture. The first step taken in the past to restore one mansion has grown into a business today that has expanded to 6 acres and expanded into the neighborhood. While the hotel is shaped by restorations made in accordance with the original, the chapel, discovered during construction, has been preserved with precision.

On the other hand, this beautiful heritage inspired the name of the hotel. This is where the word “Exedra” comes from, which means the meeting place and discussion of philosophers in ancient Rome. The hotel, which is connected to each other by arches and stone stairs that rise from floor to floor and thus has many open spaces, was formed by combining 142 houses and 3 mansions. This delightful hotel, where you are greeted by the scent of lavender, also has a delicious restaurant.

Address: Eski Mahallesi, Kapadokya Caddesi No:11, 50650 Ortahisar/Urgüp/Nevşehir

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