Clothing helps shape our bodies and define our lines. A well-chosen outfit can completely transform your look and highlight your best features. Each person has a unique body shape and style. However, some clothing tips and tricks can make us take a very different stance. In this article, you will find 10 outfit hacks that will help you show off your figure. With these simple yet effective ways, you can use clothing to balance your figure, accentuate your curves, and boost your self-confidence.

1. Use horizontal lines

We thought for years that we should wear vertical stripes to look slimmer, but that’s not the case at all. A study conducted at the University of York proved that vertical lines make our body bulkier. The explanation is based on two optical illusions that affect how we perceive distances depending on whether the lines are horizontal or vertical.

2. Choose a V-Neck

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V-neckline helps to reduce the volume in the chest area and instantly changes the shape of the body. It also elongates the neck and makes the shoulders look smaller.

3. The thickness of the hangers is important

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Consideration should be given to shoulder width, chest size, and arm shape when choosing the type of strap that is best for you. If you have a small size, thin hangers will suit you!

4. Blazers are one size

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A jacket is one of the must-haves in your wardrobe as it adapts to different styles and is timeless. That’s why you need to know what blazer length suits your body type. Models to the hip are ideal for owners of wide shoulders, and shortened models are ideal for owners of wide hips.

5. Be aware of trouser trends

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Cut, design, color… There is a wide variety of trousers. Therefore, when buying, we must consider not only what we like or what is fashionable, but also what suits us according to the type of figure.

6. Pay attention to back pockets

One of the most underrated tricks when shopping for jeans is the location of the pockets. You should carefully look and analyze where the pockets are in relation to the seam of the trousers.

7. Choose the color of the pants according to your body type

In fact, according to your body type, both the color and the material of the trousers you choose are important. If you have wide legs and want to hide them, then it is better to choose black and cotton fabrics, rather than beige and satin.

8. Choosing the perfect dress

Knowing your body type will help you choose a dress that suits your figure. Therefore, a tight or voluminous dress can make you a vizier or a disgrace …

9. Bag style

The style of the bag is probably not something we consider when buying or choosing clothes, but it should be. For a person with a large chest, a bag with a small handle on the shoulder will draw attention to this area, so it is better to use a bag with a long handle to the hip.

10. Wearing the same color shoes as your pants makes a difference.

You can appear taller than you are by wearing shoes that are the same color as your trousers.

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