Today, some big names in the arts and entertainment world are leading lives that everyone envy. Wealth, vanity, success… Of course, most of them owe their seemingly ideal life to their success and profession. However, some of these names were performers of professions, in some ways quite ordinary, but also very interesting, before they achieved a comfortable life. Here are 10 names from Margot Robbie to Brad Pitt who surprised with their work before they became famous…

1. Jessica Chastain

Before becoming a famous star, American actress Jessica Chastain made a living by entertaining children at parties. The beautiful actress explained in an interview that her favorite thing at the time was wearing a Mickey Mouse costume.

2. Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie is one of the most successful actresses of the last period. He attracts attention with his great acting in many films. However, before starting her acting career, the Australian actress worked in completely different areas. As a teenager, Robbie mostly worked as a sales manager for various stores.

3. Victoria Beckham

British singer and model Victoria Beckham has been one of the most popular names in the tabloid world for many years. The world famous star worked in the marketing department of a newspaper in his youth. He also briefly worked as a sales manager in a perfume shop.

4. Nicolas Cage

Successful actor Nicolas Cage is known to moviegoers for the dozens of different characters he plays on the big screen. The famous name worked in the film industry in a sense before becoming an actor. But a little different than today. Years ago, Cage made a living selling popcorn at Los Angeles’ famed Fairfax movie theater.

5. Matthew McConaughey


Matthew McConaughey, one of the late Hollywood stars, is also one of those who worked various jobs before his acting career. McConaughey’s job even includes working as a bank clerk.

6. Hugh Jackman


In her youth, the star actress was also active in the entertainment industry. Jackman made a living by dressing up as a clown for birthday parties.

7. Brad Pitt


Before becoming a world-famous actor, Brad Pitt worked as a limousine driver and transporter while still studying acting.

8. Megan Fox


The 36-year-old American actress said in an interview that her only normal job before becoming an actress was working in a smoothie shop. Among the job responsibilities of the famous actor at the time was also an attempt to attract customers to the store by wearing a costume of a huge banana.

9. Cardi B


American singer Cardi B is one of the most talked about celebrities in recent years. Cardi B, whose songs are heard by millions of people today, once upon a time worked as a cashier, earning $ 250 a week.

10. Sylvester Stallone


Sylvester Stallone is a world famous actor who gave life to many iconic characters, especially Rambo and Rocky. Stallone, who has been appearing to his audiences in action and adventure films for years, has worked many different jobs, including cleaning lion cages at a zoo without being an actor.

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