Both wildlife and city life are home to some very interesting animals. The mighty predators of the wild amaze with their amazing features. Some creatures devise amazing tricks to avoid being preyed upon by these predators. Our calmer friends, with whom we share everyday life, still surprise us every new day. In other words, nature is home to many creatures with amazing characteristics and abilities. However, when it comes to beauty, there is one species that no other creature can even come close to: the peacock.

Peacocks arouse great admiration in almost everyone with their long and delicate, but extremely lively and eye-catching plumage. However, although they are not known to many people, their beauty is not the only feature of these fascinating creatures. Here are 10 amazing facts about peacocks you probably haven’t heard of before.

1. There are two different species of peacocks in the world: “Indian and Congo”

2. Peacocks aren’t born with amazing feathers

So much so that the feathers of male peacocks, which are more vivid and brighter in color than female peacocks, do not begin to grow until they are three years old. On the other hand, it is extremely difficult to distinguish the sex of a small peacock. Because peacocks at birth have almost the same colors as their mothers. However, the colors of male peacocks begin to change 6 months after birth.

3. They moult after the mating season


Thanks to these “life-saving” properties, they also avoid killing for feathers.

4. The life expectancy of a peacock in the wild is about 20 years


5. They can fly!

Many people are used to seeing peacocks on the ground. However, these amazing creatures can fly when necessary. However, due to their tails, which can reach up to 1.8 meters in length and make up about 60 percent of their size, their time in the sky is very limited.

6. Not all peacocks have eye-catching colors


There are also completely white peacocks. Some are only white due to a genetic mutation called leucism that causes animals to lose their pigmentation. The population of peacocks with this genetic mutation is quite dense due to selective breeding.

7. Peacock was one of the indispensable flavors of medieval tables


Because in those days it was considered a host’s delicacy to offer their guests the peacock effect.

8. Male peacocks can make false mating calls


Scientific research proves that these creatures, legendary for their beauty, are also extremely intelligent. Because they can communicate through a very complex system. So much so that male peacocks can even make false mating calls. According to the researchers, the goal of these fake calls is to reach more women.

9. Their feathers are covered with tiny crystal structures


It is to these buildings that they owe their fascinating appearance. These microscopic structures allow sunlight to be refracted in different ways depending on their arachnids, resulting in vibrant and bright colors.

10. Female peacocks can detect males from several meters away


Because peacocks have a very interesting “sensor” on their heads. According to the researchers, this sensor evolved to detect the frequencies that occur when male peacocks wag their tails.

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