Austria, a small country in the center of Europe, is one of the countries that attracts the largest number of tourists in the world. Because this is a house with a deep history, extremely valuable universal cultural treasures and incredible natural beauties. In this regard, it is not surprising that Austria is a tourist paradise. However, the daily life of the Austrian people is full of amazing elements that almost all tourists will find very interesting. Here are 10 interesting facts about Austria that you may not have heard of yet.

1. Toilets in Austria are very different from other toilets in the Western world.

Although Japan is a country that is world famous for its toilets, when it comes to toilets, a separate bracket should be opened for Austria. Because the toilets in the country have a rather unusual design.

The reason for this unusual toilet design is even more interesting than the toilets themselves. Austrians use toilet bowls designed the way you see them in the photo to “watch your health from your stool”.

2. Austrians are known for being extremely outspoken.


Therefore, Austrians who like to communicate directly and without insults can be called “rude” by many visitors, especially those who are not familiar with this culture in the country.

3. The German name for Austria is Österreich.


This name is directly related to the historical background of the country. It is known that the word Österreich comes from the word Ostarrîchi, meaning “Eastern region”, which reflects the position of Austria in relation to other countries in the Middle Ages.

4. Establishing healthy communication with an Austrian is not as easy as you think.

Even with an advanced level of German, you may find it difficult to understand any Austrian. Because Austrians use words and phrases in their everyday life that only people who are intimately familiar with Austrian culture can understand.

However, there are many different dialects in the country. So much so that in some regions different dialects are used and spoken with different accents, even between areas that are very close to each other.

5. It’s almost impossible to meet an Austrian who can’t ski.

Austria is a country with very majestic mountains. For this reason, skiing is almost an official sport in the country. However, almost all schools in the country have compulsory skiing lessons.

6. Taxi is not a common mode of transport in this country.


Because many Austrians prefer to walk rather than take a taxi or any other form of transport. Of course, this is also due to the desire of the Austrians to lead a healthy lifestyle. However, there are some cultural reasons for not using taxis.

A taxi ride in Austria is often associated with old age or wealth. When Austrians walking down the street see a man getting into a taxi, they think he is too old to walk, or too rich to want to go anywhere.

7. University education in Austria lasts a lifetime!

Austria is a country that offers free and continuous university education to its citizens of all ages. Therefore, in Austria, you are likely to meet students of all ages who want to expand their knowledge and experience or embark on a new educational journey in different fields.

8. “Look carefully at strangers” is part of the country’s culture!

In many societies, close observation of a stranger is unacceptable and highly disturbing. But in Austria things are a little different. Austrians are almost awkwardly attracted to foreigners. In other words, it is quite possible that you will feel the eyes of many Austrians on you as you walk through the streets of Vienna on your own.

But you have nothing to worry about. Because there is neither xenophobia nor any negative attitude towards this culture in the country. Also, these looks, which can be disturbing at times, do not mean that the stranger is unusual or strange. Just a reflection of Austrian culture.

9. Austria provides about half of its energy needs with hydroelectric power.

The fact that the country is home to many rivers and is located in a mountainous area is one of the factors that paves the way for the widespread use of hydroelectric power.

However, one of the reasons why power plants are so widespread that they can meet about half of the country’s energy needs is the importance attached to clean and sustainable energy in Austria.

10. There is a practice of “dog tax”


“Animal lover” is one of the best adjectives you can use to describe Austrians. Especially dogs are very popular in Austria. For this reason, a large number of pets can be found on the streets, in restaurants or shopping centers in Austria. However, this love of dogs in the country seems to have led to an interesting type of taxation.

Because in Austria, anyone who owns any dog, regardless of breed, has to pay taxes. The amount of this interesting tax can vary from city to city. However, an Austrian must pay an average of 72 euros for the first dog he breeds. The more dogs a person keeps, the higher the price he has to pay.

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