Today, airplanes can be seen as a common element of our daily lives. However, the contribution of aircraft to the development of our civilization is undeniably great. First, these huge piles of iron, which have conquered the skies for decades, are our most important means of closing long distances as much as possible. If today the world is “smaller than it was before,” it is largely thanks to airplanes. Aircraft play an important role in the development of trade, economy and logistics and, in connection with all this, in meeting various human needs.

Of course, planes play one of the main roles in the terrible bombing that claimed the lives of countless people. In short, airplanes are one of the incredible inventions that have both positive and negative marks in human history. However, some aircraft are at the center of much more interesting stories than others. The Earth is full of forgotten and abandoned planes with extremely sad stories behind them! Here are 10 abandoned planes with captivating photos and sad stories behind them.

1. McDonnell Douglas DC-10

We are used to seeing planes in the sky. However, history is full of aircraft that, for various reasons, lost their ability to fly and were abandoned as a result! The McDonnell Douglas DC-10, owned by the American airline World Airways, is one such failed aircraft. This passenger plane, which carried thousands of people around the world throughout the 1980s, made its last flight on June 15, 1991. On this very day, a McDonnell Douglas DC-10 hovered over Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines.

This volcano, which has been dormant for centuries, was about to erupt while McDonnell Douglas was on the DC-10! The event, which has been recorded as one of the most violent volcanic eruptions of the 20th century, caused the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 aircraft to become unusable. Although the plane managed to land in one piece, it never took off again. His fate was thrown! A McDonnell Douglas DC-10 is still in the Mount Pinatubo area where it landed on June 15, 1991.

2. Bartini Beriev VVA-14


Bartini Beriev This unusual aircraft, named VVA-14, was designed in 1972 by the Soviet aircraft designer and scientist Robert Bartini. Even today, a very futuristic-looking aircraft could take off over water, reach ultra-high speeds, and stay in the air for long periods of time.

But towards the end of the 1980s, this interesting aircraft was taken out of service by the Soviet Union. Part of the aircraft remained in the vastness of Russia, forgotten and took its place in the caravan of abandoned aircraft …

3. Saab J-35F


The Saab J-35F, also known as the Saab 35 Draken, was a military aircraft produced between 1955 and 1974 and considered one of the most effective weapons of its time. The aircraft, produced for the Swedish Air Force, is considered one of the most special combat aircraft of the recent past due to its innovative design and excellent maneuverability.

However, the production of the aircraft was stopped in 1974 due to its high cost. The Saab J-35F was also eventually withdrawn from service with the Swedish army. The abandoned Saab J-35F, which you see in the photo, was found many years later by pure chance in one of the forests in Finland.

4 Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress


Of course, the sky is where all planes should be. However, the number of aircraft that cannot and will never fly for various reasons is not small.

The heavy bomber, owned by the United States, also called the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress or “Flying Fortress”, is one of the rare aircraft underwater. The story of the disappearance of the plane is quite interesting!

Lieutenant Ernest Vienneau of the US Air Force never completed the flight he took on November 6, 1944. Moreover, after this date, neither the young lieutenant nor the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress that he piloted was heard from. That is until 2018!

In 2018, a British underwater photographer discovered an unusual object at the bottom of the sea off the Croatian island of Vis. The photographer took steps to get a close-up of the object, which didn’t look like it belonged to the sea floor at all, and yes, there was a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress…

5. Douglas SBD Dauntless

Even though it stars an airplane, some of the abandoned stories are really sad!

The Douglas SBD Dauntless bomber, first produced in the US in 1938, was a World War II bomber. It was used by the US Navy and Air Force during World War II. However II. The end of World War II prepared the end for these aircraft as well.

Moreover, some of them were brutally abandoned by the soldiers they served. Although the Douglas SBD Dauntless in the photo seems to have crashed into the sea as a result of the fire it received, this is not true. The plane was thrown overboard by soldiers who wanted to avoid the expense of returning the plane to the US at the end of the war!

6 Colombian drug drone


About 20 years ago, a plane shot down by the Mexican army crashed on the beach in the town of Mazunte. Who owned the plane and by whom it was controlled, is not reported. However, it is alleged that it was a plane that took off from Colombia and was used to transport drugs. When it comes to Colombia, planes are often used to transport drugs.

However, the story of the plane shot down by the Mexican army is very interesting. Because the plane remained in place after it was shot down, and ended up on the list of abandoned planes in the world. Moreover, every day more and more people burrow into the sands of the beach…

7. Lockheed C-121 Constellation


A total of 332 Lockheed C-121 Constellation military transport aircraft were produced and adopted by the US Army. One of these aircraft was used to transport military equipment and personnel to the US McMurdo base in Antarctica.

However, due to adverse weather conditions during the flight in 1970, he had to make a hard landing. In subsequent years, the airstrip at the military base was closed. Lockheed C-121 Constellation is doomed to sit forever on the glaciers of Antarctica…

8 Boeing 747

Abandoned planes are often found in desert forests, distant seas, or glacier-covered lands. But there are also abandoned planes in the centers of some cities. An entrepreneur from Mokpo, South Korea bought a decommissioned Boeing 747 and turned it into a restaurant. However, after a while the restaurant closed. Boeing 747 continues to exist in the city center.

9. USAF B-24D Liberator


II. World War II was a war of terrible conflicts on land, in the air and at sea. Countless people died because of the war, and thousands of military vehicles, including aircraft, fell into disrepair.

However, there were also planes that disappeared during the war. A USAAF B-24D Liberator belonging to the US Army was one of the aircraft whose fate was unknown. It was not known how it would end until in 1958 it was found by a team looking for oil in the Libyan deserts.

10. Curtis C-46 Commando

Most aircraft in the world belong to airlines and military armies. However, the drug cartels, especially in and around Colombia, also have small fleets of planes! Curtis C-46 Commando II. The World War II plane was also a drug-carrying plane owned by one of history’s most notorious criminals, Pablo Escobar. However, a Curtis C-46 Commando was shot down off the Bahamas in the 1970s and abandoned in azure waters…

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